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Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day

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The holiday season is a time of sharing, especially with those facing trying times. Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day is a day set aside every year to encourage pet lovers to collect food for needy animals, from those in shelters and rescues to street animals to loved pets in households that may be struggling with food costs.

How to help with your own pet food drive on Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day

When is Holiday Food Drive for the Needy Animals Day?

Holiday Food Drive for the Needy Animals Day is held every year on December 11. This pet holiday was established to assist needy animals around the world including shelter pets, street dogs, feral cats and people struggling to feed their own pets.

How You Can Help

Whether you’re planning an office party, a school party, or a holiday celebration at your home, your holiday events can benefit your local shelter at the same time both with food and other essentials.

Not only will you help strained shelter budgets and homeless animals, but you’ll simplify gift giving chores (and save yourself from receiving yet another hostess gift you don’t really need!)

Here are some simple ideas for sharing the fun of the holidays with needy animals:

  • Consider an office food drive or pet toy drive. Ask your party guests to bring pet food and treats as well as toys, bedding, etc. to your party for your local shelter.
  • Talk with your local shelter about their food needs. Check with your shelter first to see if they’re already participating in a food program. Some shelters have their basic needs taken care of by way of dry food but still are in need of specialty diets, kitten and puppy food, canned food for reluctant eaters, etc. Many shelters have wish lists set up on Amazon and Chewy specifying foods and treats they need.
  • Ask your local food pantry if they also distribute pet food. Help keep pets in their homes by helping to provide pet food to people struggling with grocery bills.
  • Ask your local Meal on Wheels and other food organizations if they accept pet food. Many can help deliver food to people who are in their homes and relying on the companionship of a pet.
  • Instead of gift exchanges, consider a donation in the name of your office or social group to your local shelter.
  • Instead of a party, consider an office workday at your local shelter as a charitable event. Or, get together crafters in your office for a day of DIY fun making toys or bedding for shelter pets.
  • Consider a donation jar at your party to raise money for your shelter or for specific needs, such as Kuranda beds to keep animals off cold concrete shelter floors during the winter months.
  • Call your local shelter and ask about special seasonal needs. Do they need bedding? Sweaters for small dogs? Cleaning supplies? Include a wish list in your holiday party invitation and explain to guests that you’ll have a donation box for goodies at your party.
  • Consider a family donation. Ask yourself if your family really wants to do a gift exchange this holiday season or if at least the adult members of your family would like to spend the money on a donation in your family’s name to a local shelter or rescue.

Share Your Photos

Share photos of your food drive (or your shelter’s food needs) on your social media channels with hashtag #HolidayFoodDriveForNeedyAnimalsDay.

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Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day
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