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Kuranda Dog Bed Assembly: How Difficult Is It?

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If you’ve ever visited an animal shelter, you’re no doubt familiar with Kuranda dog beds. These sturdy beds, with a chew-proof frame and no exposed fabric edges, help keep dogs off the concrete floors of shelters. Easy to clean, they’re ideal for the rugged use of a shelter. They’re popular for homes as well as a shelter donation. If you’re considering purchasing one, you may be wondering how difficult the Kuranda dog bed assembly is. We’ll walk you through the assembly from start to finish!

Kuranda dog bed assembly
Photo courtesy Kuranda. We received a Kuranda bed for review. This post includes affiliate links.

But these beds are also a favorite in pet homes, especially for dogs with arthritis.

The cot-like structure keeps the weight off your dog’s joints as he sleeps, and a removable fleece pad makes it cozy during the winter months.

Recently Kuranda sent us a bed. While the bed is too small for our dogs, we knew that a lucky shelter dog would be excited to use the bed as he or she waits for a forever home.

The Kuranda dog beds come unassembled so we put the bed together before we donated it to the shelter.

Years ago during the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge National Championships, I took part in a fun event where we assembled Kuranda beds for a local shelter:

assembling kuranda dog beds at shelter event

Shelters often have Kuranda assembly parties, too, so we were curious just how difficult it would be to assemble the bed ourselves at home.

Assembling Kuranda Dog Beds

First we poured out the pieces (with Lucky’s supervision, of course)…

step one: kuranda dog bed pieces

Basically the bed box includes:

  • the fabric for the bed surface
  • four side pieces
  • eight corner pieces
  • four legs
  • four feet
  • bolts

The sides slide onto the fabric top…

sliding sides of kuranda bed together during assembly
putting together kuranda dog bed

Make sure everything’s lined up…

cat looking at pieces of kuranda bed

…then start attaching each corner…

assembling corners of dog bed kuranda

John used a socket wrench (this one has a ratchet handle) to tighten the bolts on the corners…

tightening corners of kuranda bed during assembly

We slid on the legs, popped on the feet, and voila, we were done! In all, it took under half an hour to assemble the bed.

If you’re assembling multiple beds for a shelter, I think assembly would be much faster. (And, without Lucky’s help, it might be a little faster, too!)

A big paws up for Kuranda beds and for keeping dogs comfortable, whether in shelters or at home!

Styles of Kuranda Dog Beds

Kuranda is a family-owned and operated company, and all products are manufactured in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Its “Donate a Bed” program has enabled hundreds of animal shelters and rescues all over North America to receive dog and cat beds donated by their supporters.

The company makes several different styles of beds for shelter and home use.

The most common style you’ll see is the PVC style, available in sizes that range from 25 inches x 18 inches for small dogs and cats all the way to 44 inches x 27 inches for large dogs. The PVC is also available in walnut tone for home use.

The all-aluminum Kuranda bed is one of the most stylish. Like the other beds, it comes in multiple sizes and has several different colors of vinyl fabric from which to choose

Accessories for Kuranda Dog Beds

Kuranda also offers fleece pads that strap around the Kuranda dog bed legs, perfect for older dogs who need a little extra cushioning.

Along with replacement covers, Kuranda also offers dog crate beds, elevated cat beds and more.

All Kuranda beds are guaranteed chew proof, are easy to clean and provide great relief for pets’ joints with their unique off-the-ground design.

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How to Assemble a Kuranda Dog Bed
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