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Dog Breeds that Start with H | Dog Breeds A-Z

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Hällefors Elkhound

Halden Hound


Hanover Hound


The Harrier dog breed is a member of the scenthound family. Originating in Great Britain, the term “Harrier” was once used to refer to all hounds, and dog historians theorize that this breed may in fact be one of the oldest of scent hounds still in existence today.

References to the Harrier dog breed date back to the 13th century in England. The Harrier’s keen ability to track hare with its strong sense of scent and at a pace slow enough that enabled hunters to keep up with them on foot.

The Harrier is playful and outgoing, more sociable than its counterpart, the Foxhound, but not quite as extroverted as the Beagle. Harrier dogs are excellent with children, amiable, and make outstanding watchdogs.


Originating in ancient times in the Mediterranean, the Havanese dog comes from a family of small dogs known as the Barbichon (now called Bichon) family. They showed up in large quantities throughout Cuba when Spanish traders brought them as gifts to give to the Cuban women.

Many of today’s Havanese trace their bloodlines back to three families that left Cuba for the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Dog enthusiasts took notice of the Havanese and in 1996 it was entered into its first AKC dog show.

Himalayan Sheepdog

Hierran Wolfdog




Hygen Hound

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