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Indiana Jones Dog Names for Your New Adventurer!

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The Indiana Jones movie franchise has given us some memorable characters with unique names that instantly bring to mind adventure and travel. We’ve fetched a collection of Indiana Jones dog names that just might include the perfect name for your new puppy with a spirit of adventure!

Indiana Jones dog names

Indiana Jones Dog Names for Male Dogs

Abner: Marion Ravenwood’s father in the Indiana Jones movies is Abner Ravenwood. Although he never physically appears in any of the films, he is mentioned as an influential character, a renowned archaeologist and mentor to Indiana Jones.

Brody: Marcus Brody is portrayed as a well-meaning, slightly absent-minded academic and museum curator who genuinely cares for the preservation of historical artifacts. His character brings a touch of humor and provides a bridge between academia and adventure in the Indiana Jones movies.

Coronado: In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the Cross of Coronado serves as a clue to the location of the hidden Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where the Holy Grail is said to be hidden.

Henry: Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Sr. is Indiana Jones’ father, played by Sean Connery. (And Henry was the name of my first dog, an adventurous Beagle–so this is one of my favorite Indiana Jones dog names!)

Indiana: In the Indiana Jones film series, the character’s full name is Henry Walton Jones Jr., but he is commonly known as Indiana Jones. The choice of the name “Indiana” for the character goes back to a dog!

According to the series’ creator, George Lucas, he named the character after his pet Alaskan Malamute named Indiana. The dog was known for being adventurous and would accompany Lucas on his hiking trips. The name resonated with Lucas, and he decided to use it for the character.

In the film series, Indiana Jones explains that he adopted the name “Indiana” from his pet dog as a tribute to his beloved animal companion.

Junior: Indiana’s father explains to Sallah why he always calls Indiana “Junior” with the memorable line: “We named the dog Indiana.”

Mutt: Mutt Williams–aka Henry Jones III–is the son of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood.

Sallah: Sallah is an Egyptian excavator and close friend of Indiana Jones who aids Indy in his adventures, providing valuable assistance and local knowledge. Sallah is a loyal and resourceful ally, known for his strength, courage, and expertise in navigating the Egyptian landscape.

Short Round: Short Round, whose real name is Wan Li, is a young orphaned boy from Shanghai who becomes Indiana Jones’ sidekick and loyal companion during their adventure in Temple of Doom.

Indiana Jones inspired names for girl dogs

Crystal: In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the titular crystal skull itself becomes a clue, leading Indiana Jones and his companions to uncover the mystery surrounding the skull’s origin and its connection to a lost city.

Elsa: Elsa Schneider appears in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as an art historian who assists Indy in his search for the Holy Grail. However, her true allegiance is revealed as the film progresses.

Indy: A fun nickname for Indiana, Indy could also be spelled Indi or Indie (perhaps appropriate for that independent puppy!)

Irina: Irina Spalko is the main antagonist in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She is a Soviet agent with psychic abilities and seeks the power of the Crystal Skull.

Marion: Marion Ravenwood, Indiana Jones’ love interest, is a strong-willed and independent woman who owns a bar in Nepal. Marion is feisty, resourceful, and adept at handling herself in dangerous situations.

Willie: Willie Scott is the female lead in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She is initially a nightclub singer who becomes entangled in Indy’s quest and serves as a source of comic relief throughout the film.

Locations That Make Adventurous Dog Names

Indiana Jones movies feature a wide variety of exotic locations–that make equally exotic dog names!

Cairo: Cairo serves as a significant location for several key scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark, including the bustling marketplace, the fight against Nazi agents, and the famous truck chase sequence.

Delhi: The beginning of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom takes place in Delhi, India, where Indiana Jones gets involved in a deal gone wrong.

Egypt: The climax of Raiders of the Lost Ark occurs in Egypt, specifically at the ancient city of Tanis and the Well of Souls.

Hatay: In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Hatay, Turkey, is the location of the fictional Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where the Holy Grail is said to be hidden.

Nepal: In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the city of Nepal is where Marion Ravenwood’s bar, The Raven, is located.

Peru: The opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark takes place in the jungles of Peru, where Indiana Jones retrieves a golden idol.

Petra as an Indiana Jones inspired dog name

Petra: The climax of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade occurs in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, where the Holy Grail is ultimately found.

Shanghai: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom features Shanghai as a location, with several memorable scenes taking place in the city–although filming actually took place in the city of Macau.

Venice: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade features Venice as one of its locations, where Indiana Jones searches for clues regarding the Holy Grail.

More Names

Fedora: The high-crowned fedora that Indiana Jones was given as a boy by treasure hunter Garth is synonymous with the adventurer.

Marshall: Marshall College is the fictional college where Indiana Jones works as a professor.

Raven: The Raven is the bar owned by Marion Ravenwood in Nepal. A great name for a raven-colored puppy.

These are just a few of the memorable names from the Indiana Jones franchise–names that might be just the perfect moniker for your new puppy who is ready for his or her own adventures, exploring the world at your side!

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Indiana Jones Dog Names
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