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What is Another Name of a Dog House?

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In many households, the bond between humans and their four-legged friends is celebrated and cherished deeply with a safe and comfortable space to call their own, often referred to as a “dog house.” Delving into the world of dog accommodations, the name of a dog house can vary based on regional, functional and personal nuances. Let’s look at some of the different terms to describe a dog house–and one that your dog would especially love!

When is a Dog’s House Called a Kennel?

In the US, the term “dog kennel” can have a few different meanings, depending on the context:

A “dog kennel” can refer to a small shelter or enclosure in someone’s yard where a dog can find protection from the elements. In this case, dog kennel is used the same as the term dog house. This is different from a dog run because it provides shelter or the dog house itself.

It can also refer to a larger, commercial establishment where dogs are housed temporarily, usually when their owners are away, known as a boarding kennel. These kennels might offer additional services like grooming, training, and day care for dogs.

The term “kennel” is also used to describe a crate or carrier used for transporting dogs or providing them with a secure space indoors. Many people use the command “kennel up” to let their dog know it’s time to get in the crate or kennel and settle down, whether that’s for a car ride or for a nap in the house. (This is different from an exercise pen which is a larger, open-top pen, often without a floor that lets the dog have room to play within the confines of the pen. Sometimes an exercise pen or x-pen will have a crate or carrier inside the pen to provide the dog a quiet place to rest.)

In the UK, a dog house is commonly referred to as a “kennel” or “dog kennel.” The term “dog house” is also understood and used. A kennel can be a small structure in someone’s yard where a single dog can find shelter, but it can also refer to a commercial boarding facility where multiple dogs are housed temporarily.

The specific meaning can usually be determined based on the context in which the term is used.

What are Other Words for Dog House?

When you start talking about luxury dog houses, you’ll find some other terms used in marketing to describe the structures:

Dog Hut: This term is less common but might be used to describe a small, hut-like structure where a dog can take shelter.

Canine Cabin: This is a more playful or marketing-oriented term that might be used to describe a dog house, particularly if it’s a bit fancier or more cabin-like in structure.

Pooch Palace: This term, and others like it, might be used in a more playful or fanciful context, particularly for dog houses that are more upscale or elaborate.

Dog Den: This term might emphasize the den-like, sheltered nature of a dog house, suggesting a cozy, secure space for a dog.

What is a Breeding Kennel?

A facility where dogs are bred is typically called a “breeding kennel” or simply “kennel.” In these facilities, breeders maintain a controlled environment to mate selected pairs of male and female dogs with specific traits. These kennels may specialize in breeding particular types of dogs, and reputable ones follow ethical breeding practices, prioritizing the health and well-being of the animals.

Breeding facilities can have different levels of professionalism and quality. A Licensed Breeding Kennel is one that has been granted a license to operate by relevant local or regional authorities. These facilities are expected to adhere to certain standards of animal welfare and business operations.

Is a Dog House a Dog Shelter?

While a dog house provides shelter for dogs, it’s not commonly called a dog shelter. Typically dog shelters are facilities to house homeless dogs as they await adoption.

What is a Dog House Called in Other Countries?

  • Spanish: “Casa para perros” or “caseta de perro”
  • French: “Niche pour chien” or “chenil” (though “chenil” often refers to a kennel or boarding facility)
  • German: “Hundehütte”
  • Italian: “Cuccia per cani”
  • Portuguese: “Casa de cachorro”
  • Hindi: “कुत्ते का घर” (pronounced: kuttē kā ghar), which literally translates to “dog’s house”. Another term could be “कुत्ते का आवास” (pronounced: kuttē kā āvās), which means “dog’s residence” or “dog’s dwelling”.
  • Dutch: “Hondenhok”

What’s the Best House for Your Dog?

The best dog house for your dog–and the one he’ll like the best–is in the home with you! Although some working dogs really love to be outside even without their human family, most dogs love to be indoors when their family is indoors, both day and night.

An increasing number of people–some estimates as high as 80%–now house their dogs indoors, relying on crates, kennels and exercise pens to keep young puppies safe as they learn to share the home without getting into mischief and dog doors to allow dogs access to the outdoors for potty or recreation.

Once the dog is outdoors, he’ll find a dog house outside if he’d like to spend some time out in the yard for a nap.

After all, there’s no place like home!

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