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Neater Feeder Review

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Product: Neater Feeder ™

What It Is: no-mess feeding system for dogs and cats

Manufacturer: TowerStar Pets, LLC; made in USA

DogTipper Review: With two large dogs and four cats in the house, we have a lot of food and water cleanups around here. You know how it is…the food gets dropped into the water, the water gets sloshed on the floor. We keep our water bowls in a lipped tray to catch the spilled water but that’s a cleanup in itself.

So we were very interested with the opportunity came up to receive a sample Neater Feeder. They sent us a small size neater feeder (they also come in large) along with the leg extensions which are sold separately. Made from recyclable polypropylene plastic, we loved the sophisticated look of the feeder. (Our bowls are in our living room/great room so there’s no hiding them!) Right away, we loved the fact the feeding/drinking bowls themselves are stainless steel. (We only feed from stainless steel because one of our cats, Linus, developed chin acne after feeding from plastic.) The stainless steel bowls are nestled in a plastic tray that’s dishwasher safe (top rack), another big plus.

The way Neater Feeder works is, well, just plain neat! Basically the unit is three parts: the two stainless steel bowls, the top plastic tray and the bottom plastic tray. The top tray, where the stainless steel bowls rest, is sloped so spills run toward the front of the tray. Food is caught by this tray; water runs through small holes in the tray to be caught by the lower tray. This lower tray reservoir is then easy to then carry over to your sink for cleaning.

Another neat part of the design is the three-sided wall that encloses the food and water bowls to help prevent the slopping of water behind and beside the dish. (We know this is a real concern with our dog Irie who sends water flying with every drink!) Also, the legs have non-skid feet to prevent the unit from skidding or being kicked.

Our pets loved the Neater Feeder…and so do we. A big paws up!

Tuesday 31st of August 2010

Sloshing of water from the bowl can be a big thorn in your side. Hmm, I wonder if they'll make a version of this bowl with a timer (an automatic dog feeder)? Those are so convenient for meal times right on schedule. .-=´s last blog ..Pet Medications Online Cheap =-.