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Auburn Leathercrafters Martingale Collar Review

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Product: Rolled martingale collar from

What It Is: rolled leather martingale collar specifically designed for large, long-haired dogs

Manufacturer: Auburn Leathercrafters

DogTipper Review: We always use martingale collars when walking our dogs so we jumped at the chance to receive a review collar from (If you’re not familiar with martingale collars, they are a type, not a brand, of collar. Like a choke collar, they prevent your dog from backing out of the collar and escaping; unlike a choke collar, they don’t choke your dog because the opening only restricts enough to prevent the collar from going over your dog’s head, not enough to put pressure on his throat and choke him. If you’re using a choke collar, we really suggest a martingale collar…your dog will thank you!)

The martingale collars we use now are woven fabric but work with the same concept as this rolled leather collar. However, the rolled leather collar is designed for long-haired dogs so it won’t tangle when you’re removing it. This collar is manufactured by Auburn Leathercrafters using bridle leather so it’s very heavy-duty (an important feature with our 60- and 72-pound girls). The chain is genuine German Sprenger chain, a name well-known for top quality chains.

Here’s a close-up view of the collar:

And here’s a look at the collar on our Irie. (We’ll probably be using the collar on Tiki, who has much longer hair, but it photographs much better on short-haired Irie!)
The collar comes in tan, burgundy, and black (seen here). Sizes run from 16-28 inches (remember to order the collar two inches larger than your dog’s neck size.) The collar is only available in even number sizes so, if your size isn’t available, order the next size smaller, assuming the collar will stretch with use.

Whenever you use a martingale collar, leave it on only when you’re walking your dog; it’s not an everyday collar. (There’s the danger of the collar getting snagged when your dog’s not supervised.) We have a second collar with our dogs’ tags on them that they wear around the clock; we use the martingale only when going on a walk…so they know as soon as they hear the jingle of that chain that it’s time for a walk!!

We love this new collar and look forward to many walks with it…a big paws up!

This collar is priced at $44 (they also sell regular rolled collars in many colors as well as rolled leather leashes.)

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