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BISSELL SpotBot Pet Review: Will It Remove that Old Pee Stain?

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Are you looking for a way to get rid of spots and stains in your carpet? Even OLD stains? We’ve had the chance to try out the Bissell SpotBot PET, a spot cleaner made to deep clean carpet stains in pet households.

I’ve been redoing my office lately, and we just moved out a huge futon that had been in the same spot for 12 years. You know how it is when you move furniture, though…sometimes it reveals stains the furniture was hiding!

This was definitely the case in my office so when I received a BISSELL SpotBot Pet to review, I knew we had plenty of stains to put to the test. The timing was perfect…the furniture was out of the way and the new table I’m getting in its place was not yet ready.

I unboxed the SpotBot Pet then checked out the enclosed trial size of Oxy Gen2 for difficult stains and set-in stains (certainly needed in this case) and a trial size of BISSELL Pet Stain and Odor Formula (also needed. No odor–at least that I could smell–remained on this old stain but it was a pet stain.)


The SpotBot Pet has two canisters: one for a combination of fresh water and formula (with easy-to-use fill lines):


…and a second canister to hold the dirty water as it’s vacuumed up!


Cleaning Modes

The SpotBot Pet has three different modes. I used the set-in stain mode, which cleans the spot for six minutes.

For fresh stains, there’s also a surface stain mode, cleaning for three minutes.

Finally, there’s also a manual mode which uses the hose and an included attachment; you can use the manual mode for locations such as carpeted staircases or the car.

Using the set-in stain mode, the canister held enough water/formula for two spot cleanings. When the clean cycle completes, the machine beeps to alert you to turn it off or move it to another location.

Putting the SpotBot Pet to the Test

Here’s a before and after look at the primary stain in the office. The stained area was large, as you see in this before photo:


I placed the SpotBot Pet right in the center of the stain and ran it on the set-in stain mode.

It ran in this automatic setting for six minutes then I moved the machine to see the result.

It was easy to see the area that I treated with the BISSELL SpotBot Pet! Still damp, I let the spot dry overnight and the next morning it was very apparent what had been cleaned…and the area that still needed to be treated!


I give the BISSELL SpotBot Pet a definite thumbs up! Easy to use and compact in size, it did a great job on one of the toughest pet stains we’ve ever had in this house (and that’s saying a lot).

I can’t wait to use it on the other pet stains on this carpet!

2023 Update: It has been 13 years since we put the SpotBot Pet to work in our house…and it is STILL working!

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Disclaimer: We received a complimentary BISSELL SpotBot Pet from BISSELL Homecare, Inc. — the Company sent this to us without charge; we were not compensated for our review. We were under no obligation to write a good review or to write any review about this product, and what we’ve written here is our own opinion based on our own personal use of the product.

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