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Dicky Bag Review

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Product: Dicky Bag

What It Is: hands-free dog walking bag for odor-free dog waste transport (or for must-haves for the dog walk, from your keys and phone to tennis balls)

Manufacturer: Dicky Bag Limited

DogTipper Review: As dog lovers well know, there is no poop fairy…we are all responsible for picking up after our dogs when nature calls. But what can you do with that waste bag once you’ve scooped the poop? There’s not always a trash can nearby so you’re left with carrying the bag, an unsightly and potentially smelly problem.

We’ve been testing out the Dicky Bag, an ingenious product that makes it possible to discretely carry that poop bag without wagging the waste in plain sight. This neoprene bag is very lightweight and has two compartments: a soft pocket in the lid of the bag for storing clean pick-up bags (and even small bottles of hand sanitizer) and the main compartment of the bag for storing the used bags until you reach a handy place for disposal.

The Dicky Bag comes with a supply of bio-degradable bags (and the pocket is large enough for several rolls of these or your favorite type of poop bags). It also comes with a custom-sized fragrance disk for the bottom of the bag.

We love the feel of the Dicky Bag; the neoprene (the same material used to make wetsuits) is soft and comes in many stylish prints.

You’ll find two options for attaching the bag.  A universal clip can be hooked to your belt, backpack, purse, leash handle or even your dog’s harness. There’s also a belt loop you can run your belt or waistpack through.

Another feature we really (really) liked about the Dicky Bag is the fact that it seals airtight. When zipped shut, the rubber top compartment forms an airtight seal. The seams are all sewn and glued so odor doesn’t escape the bag. You can walk to your favorite outdoor cafe with your dog and enjoy a visit there without a hint of what’s contained inside this cute bag.

The Dicky Bag is completely machine washable.

This bag can also serve as a handy tote if you don’t want to use it as a poop bag for keys, ID, your phone, a camera, you name it. It’s even a great solution for dog lovers that have slobbery toys or drool rags to carry!

Hand-sewn in Cornwall, this UK manufacturer ships worldwide. Most patterns come in five sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, priced from £20-25.

We give the Dicky Bag a big paws up!

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Disclosure: Dicky Bag sent us a complimentary Dicky Bag for review. We were not paid for our review and all opinions are strictly our own.

Photo 1, 3 courtesy Dicky Bag