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PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit Review

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Product: PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit

Manufacturer: PetSafe

What It Is: home DNA collection kit for identifying dog breeds

DogTipper Review: Have you ever wondered what breeds make up your mixed breed dog’s heritage? We’ve had both Irie and Tiki tested and learned their breed mix and have had so much fun telling people about it whenever they ask what kind of dogs they are. When the chance came up to get another DNA kit to review, we jumped at the opportunity because there was one more dog’s DNA we were really curious about: Paris’ parents’ dog, Sam.

Sam was originally a stray dog so his breed mix has always been a mystery…but no more! The PetSafe kit was really easy to use and just too a few minutes to do. The kit comes with just a few items inside: two sterile swabs, a card for you to complete with your address information, an ID tag, and a return envelope.

Paris’ father used the swabs to swab the inside of Sam’s cheek to collect cells for the DNA test:

The swabs then went back in the sleeve they were sent in, and the information card and swabs then went into the return envelope. That was it! The whole envelope went in the mail and two weeks later we had the results, first by email and then by mail.

One of Sam’s results–Chow Chow–wasn’t a surprise (thanks to his tongue, which is largely blackish purple) but the other three breeds were a BIG surprise:

The breeds are given in levels by the amount of DNA found in the sample, with Chow Chow being a Level 2 and the other breeds being Level 4:

The PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit is sold at PETCO and through online retailers; expect to pay about $60.

Paris’ parents were so surprised and happy to learn Sam’s heritage! A DNA test is just one more way to learn a little more about what makes your dog so special. A big paws up for the PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit!

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Disclosure: We were sent a complimentary PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit for review. We were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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