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Review: SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Product: SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

What It Is: a small pet door that identifies your small dog or cat via his microchip then unlocks the door

Manufacturer: SureFlap LLC

DogTipper Review: Do you have a small (and we mean *small*) dog that uses a pet door…but you’re worried about other animals using it as well? A pet door is a great convenience but, except for some doors where your pet wears a special key to trigger the latch, other small dogs, cats….or even small wildlife…can enter your home as well.

But there’s a product that allows your small dog or cat to enter your home but keeps other animals OUT. The SureFlap uses a pet’s microchip to unlock the door then, a few seconds later, it locks behind him, keeping unwelcome furry visitors outside.

This isn’t an answer for all dogs; only dogs the size of a small cat will be able to use this door. Work is underway on another unit for large cats (and dogs the size of large cats) but, for now, the present unit has a flap that is 5.59 inches wide by 5.39 inches high. If your dog is the size (or smaller) than a regular-sized cat, the present unit will work for your home.

The unit is compatible with all the types of microchips that are commonly implanted in pets including 15-digit (also known as FDXB); most 10-digit or FDXA chips except those starting with 000, 010 or 020; and 9-digit microchips. If you are not sure what kind of microchip your cat has, your vet can probably help you find out by scanning it for you.

You can install the in just any door where you’d install a traditional pet door. You install it so that it’s facing forward with the battery compartment inside your house. It’s powered by four AA batteries (according to manufacturer’s instructions, the batteries should last about six months).

Here’s the interesting part. Do you see the circle with the “M” symbol just to the right of the battery compartment? That’s a memory button; you’ll press it so the unit can “learn” your pet’s specific microchip number. And if you have multiple pets or a combination of small dogs and cats, that’s no problem; the unit will learn up to 32 microchips!

The device learns your pet’s microchip when your pet to walks through the flap. It recognizes the chip through two sensors in the top, inside of the unit:

In its normal setting, the flap is unlocked when your small dog leaves the house but, to return, the device will need to recognize your dog’s chip to unlock the pet door. There’s also a manual lock so you can totally lock the unit, keeping your pet either indoors or outside.There’s also entrance only and exit only.

The unit comes in two pieces, like most pet doors, so there’s a front piece and a back (outside of the door) piece:

The SureFlap sells for $149.99. If you have a very small dog, we think this is a great product…a big paws up!

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