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Review: Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking & Training System

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Product: Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System

What It Is: a harness and leash system with access to training videos designed to easily and humanely train and walk your dog


DogTipper Review: As our regular DogTipper readers know, we live in the country. And that means country distractions: bunnies running across the trail, a deer darting through the woods, or the scent of a coyote from the night before. Irie is really good on walks but Tiki is more strong willed and can pull–really pull when she’s suddenly tempted by wildlife–so every so often we have to do some refresher work on her training.

Because of this, we were really interested in receiving the Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking and Training System to review. Designed by trainer Alecia Evans, this system consists of three parts:

  • the Walk in Sync Harness
  • the Walk in Sync Accu-Grip leash
  • a members-only video area

We first checked out the harness and leash. The leash is especially notable for its unique foam grips with two grips down the length of the leash…

… and the adjustable wrist attachment:

The harness, unlike some we’ve used, is extremely easy to get on. The harness quickly went over Tiki’s head, beneath her belly, then clipped at her shoulders using two simple clips.

The leash was then attached to the training D-ring at Tiki’s chest. There’s also a D-ring on the back near the buckles (by the dog’s shoulders) for dog walking.

I put one hand on the foam handle nearest the leash clip while my other hand went through the loop at the end of the leash, keeping it securely on my wrist.

And we were off.

The system was amazingly easy–and so humane–to use. We started out and, a few minutes into our walk, Tiki pulled. I stopped. Tiki stopped, pressure still on the leash. I waited, not saying anything or looking at Tiki. She got the idea, moved back, I praised her, and off we went. No tugging, no talking, no turning. She got the idea on her own.

When she pulled again, the response the second time was even faster.

Once you purchase the system, you’ll have access to a library of short training videos. There are 12 puppy training videos that cover everything from “leave it” to”sit stay” as well as videos that cover all the basics of how to use the leash system.

The Walk In Sync Harness and leash are machine washable (air dry).

A big paws up for the Walk In Sync training system, a great way to train your dog and make training fun for both you and your dog!

Price: The Walk In Sync system sells for $52. The harness comes in seven sizes from XS to XL. You’ll find instructions for measuring your dog for the harness on the Walk in Sync website.


You’ll find several free “5 Minute Makeover” videos on the Walk in Sync site that show before and after behaviors. Here’s an example of the Walk In Sync system in a video with a 13-week-old puppy:

[iframe 400 225]

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Disclosure: We received a sample product for review; we were not compensated for our review. All opinions and statements are entirely our own.

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