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Review: Freedom Leash by The Paws Republic

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Product: Freedom Leash

What It Is: tangle-free, retractable leash for two dogs

Manufacturer: Paws Republic

DogTipper Review: If you’re like us and have two dogs you walk at once, you know how easily leashes can tangle. Sometimes John and I both walk the dogs so each of us will take a leash but often just one of us goes, so one person has both leashes. Since we do a lot of our walking in the woods, we have to keep one hand free to move branches out of the way so the two leashes are held in one hand. That’s a recipe for tangles.

Because of that, we were eager to try The Freedom Leash, a leash designed to walk two dogs at once without tangling. It’s a dual retractable leash. (Our regular readers know that we aren’t fans of retractable leashes ourselves; we like to have more control and don’t want the dogs to get used to the pulling sensation they get with a retractable leash. However, we know that many of you love retractable leashes so we wanted to give this leash a fair try.)

The design of the Freedom Leash is really innovative. The handle looks much like what you’d expect to see on a retractable leash. Like other retractable leashes, this leash has a thumb lock that acts as a brake so you can regulate the length of the leashes. But that’s where the resemblance ends.

The barrel of the leash is fairly large (it almost resembles a cordless drill) and that’s where the real mechanics of this leash are contained. Inside, the leash works its magic. According to the Paws Republic press materials:

Each 10-foot retractable leash contains its own independent retracting mechanism. As dogs wander around each other, the retractors spin, completely eliminating leash tangles and tripping hazards.

That sounded good! It was time to put it to the test.

We were a little concerned about the thickness of the leash cords coming out of the retractor but The Freedom Leash says it has a maximum capacity of 90 pounds for each leash. (Tiki weighs 66 pounds and Irie weighs about 73 pounds.)

If you have large, strong dogs that might lunge or really pull on the leash, we would be a little worried about the thin leash cords. (Of course, if you have pullers or lungers, you shouldn’t use any kind of retractable leash.)

Our only other concern is the handle; as with other retractable leash handles, I have to say that it would be easy for this to be pulled out of your hand. A wrist strap as an emergency backup would be a great addition to the leash in case the dogs pulled it out of your hand or you suddenly lost your grip and dropped the leash.

Besides those concerns, though, the leash worked great while walking Irie and Tiki….

The Freedom Leash worked perfectly at keeping the dogs tangle-free. Irie and Tiki could cross paths without any problem. And one dog could stay close while the other walked away because each leash is retracted separately…

…and we had NO tangles!

If you are a fan of retractable leashes and you have two dogs, the Freedom Leash is definitely a way to be free of leash tangles!

Disclosure: We received a Freedom Leash for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are our own.

Paris Permenter
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