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Review: FUR Dry by FURminator

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Product: FURminator FUR Dry™

What it is: water absorbent dog coat to wear after a bath

Manufacturer: FURminator Inc.

DogTipper Review: Even if your dog loves taking a bath, as soon as it’s over, he only has one thing on his mind: drying off! Even during the hottest summer on record here in central Texas, our dogs were obsessed with having a good shake and then rubbing their damp coats on the nearest available surface. Even after a vigorous toweling off, they will rub on grass, trees, or even the rugs or couch if they’ve been bathed indoors. You’d think they might enjoy being damp for awhile, but that’s dog logic for you.

So, the FUR Dry from FURminator seems like a good idea to us. It is a simple coat with Velcro fasteners which can be quickly strapped around a wet dog’s torso. The coat is made of microfiber fabric designed to draw moisture away from the dog’s coat, eliminating the wet-dog factor in the home. The FUR Dry comes in five different sizes to accommodate dogs up to large breeds like Saint Bernards and Newfies.

FURminator says that along with saving carpets and furniture from doggy smells and wet patches, the FUR Dry can have a calming effect on nervous dogs by wrapping them securely in the vest’s embrace (even if their anxiety is not related to bathing). After use, the vest can be laundered and line dried .

We received a large sized FUR Dry from FURminator to try out on Irie and Tiki. The large size is designed for dogs measuring up to 23″ from neck to base of tail. We decided to try it first with Irie who was due for bath anyway. We bathed her outside (it is *still* 90 degrees here) and after her initial shake-off and some quick toweling on her legs and paws, we fastened the FUR Dry around her before we brought her inside.

Before we tried it on wet dogs, though, we went through a trial run for the video below with a dry Irie. As soon as Tiki saw Irie putting on the FUR Dry, though, she wanted her turn!

The garment is easy to put on:

  • slip it over head and tail
  • attach the Velcro strap under the belly
  • pull the “sleeve” between the front legs and fasten its Velcro across the back. You want to attach it fairly snugly so it can contact the fur and wick away the moisture.

Irie doesn’t mind wearing her winter coat which also uses Velcro so we weren’t surprised that she accepted wearing the FUR Dry without protest. We let her back into the house where she reclaimed her favorite spot on the couch to resume her afternoon nap. We left the vest on her for about 15 minutes, then checked for dampness. Hey, it worked! While the jacket was damp, Irie was very nearly dry and we discerned no dampness or doggie smell on the couch. We give the FUR Dry a (dry) paw up!

DogTipper Video:

Price: from $25.95 (puppy size) to $50.95 (giant breed size)

For More Information:

Disclosure: We were sent a FUR Dry for review. We were not paid for our review and all opinions are our own.

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