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Review: Memories in Crystal

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Product: Memories in Crystal

What It Is: 3-D laser photo engraving

DogTipper Review: We’re so lucky to have the opportunity to review so many exceptional pet products and many we will treasure forever. Just last week, we received one product for review that’s so special and beautiful that it almost moved us to tears: a Memories in Crystal laser photo engraving of Irie and Tiki.

Memories in Crystal transforms your photo into a crystal that showcases a 3-D version of the image. The company (based in New Mexico) uses lasers and a process called “Vitrography” to create a 3-D image from your photo then laser engraves it inside a crystal.

The result is almost magical. I have seen the 2-D laser etchings in the past but never the 3-D versions, and it’s really amazing; you can walk around the crystal and literally see the image from every angle just as you would a three-dimensional sculpture…but all within the crystal itself.

But I’m jumping ahead. First, let’s look at the original photos that Memories in Crystal used to create our crystal:

Memories in Crystal told us a forward-facing photo works best so we selected this photo of Irie (this is the photo that was used to make our Flat Irie cutout so that’s why there’s some manipulation of the image in the leg area) and Tiki (this was our entry in last year’s Super Dog Sunday event.) We sent the photos to them just like this with the background in place.

Within a few days, we had our crystal! Both Irie and Tiki are in the same beautiful crystal which sits proudly in our living room on a lighted rosewood stand that came with it. Here’s a closeup look at the crystal lit at night:

The effect of the light beneath the crystal is amazing but the crystal looks equally spectacular in daylight without the light. Here’s a look at the crystal from above without the lighted base…

…and from the end…

…and left of center…

The dogs are in 3-D regardless of where you stand!

Memories in Crystal produces numerous types and sizes of crystal keepsakes including crystals like the one above and charms, keychains, and pet urns.

Whether you’re purchasing a Memories in Crystal product to honor a pet who now lives only in your heart and your memories or to celebrate the joy of your pets today, these are very special keepsakes. We know we will treasure ours forever!

Price: Memories in Crystal start at $38 for keychains, charms are $41.24, and crystals like ours begin at $99.

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Disclosure: We received a 3-D crystal from Memories in Crystal to facilitate our review; we were not paid for our review and all statements and opinions are our own.