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Review: Make Dogs Your Life, Lesson 2

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Last week I realized one reason I am so, so glad to be taking the Make Dogs Your Life course for dog trainers instead of a traditional classroom course.

Last week was one of those weeks. Tuesday’s family emergency in South Texas turned into Wednesday’s appointment with John at the back doctor. Just as I thought I’d get caught up, Thursday turned into a totally unexpected rush to the vet with one of our cats, Felix, when we found that one of his canines had broken; he wound up having 10 teeth extracted. Friday was spent caring for him.

Last week I was behind, to say the least.

Best of all, though, it didn’t make one bit of difference in my coursework. I’d already downloaded the written work covering teaching basic obedience in a group setting and a discussion of collars, leashes, and harnesses. At night, after each day’s activities, I took the written material to bed and read before falling asleep. This past weekend, I got caught up with the two videos for this lesson.

If I’d been in a traditional class for dog trainers, I would have had to miss class this past week.

As with the first week’s lesson, this week’s class featured both written and video instruction by Make Dogs Your Life founder Fernando Camacho and real life examples, this time in the form of group classes.

Lesson Three has been unveiled now in our login over at Make Dogs Your Life. First, though, I want to go back and watch the Lesson Two videos one more time before moving on so I can fully concentrate on them before continuing. That’s something I love about this course: it’s working out great for me even with my crazy schedule! Next Monday I’ll be back with the review of Lesson Three but, in the meantime, please be sure to follow Make Dogs Your Life on Facebook and Twitter.

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Disclosure: We are receiving the Make Dogs Your Life course for review; we are not paid for our review and all statements and opinions are entirely our own.

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