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Review: L.G.Potter Personalized Pet Bowls

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Product: L.G. Potter Personalized Pet Bowls

What it is: beautiful clay bowls made on a potter’s wheel in a variety of styles and colors

Manufacturer: potter L.G. Barnes; based in St. Louis (made in USA)

DogTipper Review: Let’s face it: eating is a real high point in the day for our dogs. Their bowls are some of their most prized possessions…shouldn’t they be as beautiful as they are functional?

We just received two bowls from L.G. Potter for review. L.G. Potter, based in Missouri, creates personalized dog bowls (as well as teapots and decorative wares).

The company makes a three styles of pet bowls. The original model is Model L:

…and here’s a look at the underside of the bowl…

Model G is specially-designed for long-eared dogs (it’s taller and narrower than most dog bowls):

Model G for long-eared dogs; photo courtesy L.G. Potter

And Model LG is for those dogs (like Irie) that wolf down their food; it has a center hump to slow your dog’s eating:

Each of the bowls has slots cut into the sides to create handles; that piece of clay is then used for the personalization plate:

All the bowls are dishwasher safe in the top rack. Each model comes in a variety of colors including blue-brown (a shiny glaze that was used for Tiki’s bowl), yellow, green, blue, black, iron red, and green (a matte glaze used on Irie’s bowl).

The bowls are every bit as beautiful as they are functional. They look great to our dogs when they’re filled with food but we get to enjoy them the rest of the day as they look beautiful in our home while they await the next meal. A big paws up for L.G. Potter personalized pet bowls!

DogTipper Video

Here’s a short look at the Model LG in use as Irie tries out the no-gulp bowl model! (Both Irie and Tiki always eat indoors…but our kitchen was too dark for filming today!)

Price: Small ($30); Medium ($40); Large ($50). For personalization, there’s a $10 (7 character limit) charge.

For More Information:

Disclosure: We received L.G. Potter bowls for review; we were not paid to review this product and all statements of this product’s beauty and functionality are entirely our own (and Irie and Tiki’s).

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