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Review: Dog Tag Art

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Product:  Dog Tag Art Virtual Leash

What it is: Personalized pet tags linked to online profile

Manufacturer: Dog Tag Art, Asheville, NC (Made in USA)

DogTipper Review: In a case of necessity being the mother of invention, Dog Tag Art’s Virtual Leash system was launched in 2010 when founder Jack Carrier’s Labrador Retriever, Maggie, kept wandering off, resulting in danger to her and worry for her owner. Although Maggie was eventually found, Carrier began devising a better way to ensure that lost pets could be quickly reunited with their owners. The result is a system which merges the traditional dog tag with the power of the Internet.

Once registered in the Virtual Leash system, each pet receives a unique web URL which is imprinted on the tag. When a missing pet is found, this web address can be accessed and the pet owner notified via email, text message, Twitter or voicemail.

The company offers both free and paid versions of the system. With the paid version, you can set up your pet’s profile with an unlimited number of emergency contacts such as parents, children, neighbors, veterinarians, etc. while the free version is limited to one contact and notification includes only email. Both versions can also include a link to Google Maps to display suitable locations where your missing pet can be returned (free version limited to one such location). All of the profile information can be updated as often as necessary.

The Dog Tag Art tags are snazzy products in their own right and can be fully customized. Upload the photo of your choice via the company’s website and it is rendered in full color on a heavy, polymer-coated steel tag. The tag is substantial and has a perfectly smooth, porcelain-like surface. The back of the tag is engraved with the contact information of your choice as well as the pet profile URL. The tags are made in the US and carry a lifetime readability guarantee.

If you don’t have a suitable photo to use, you can choose from dozens of colorful, witty tag designs created by Dog Tag Art artists from the website’s tag gallery. The tags come in two sizes: Large (1-1/4″ in diameter) and Small (7/8″ diameter) and are suitable for both dogs and cats. The company says that tags have been produced for other pets as well, including horses.

We had our tags imprinted with the DogTipper and CatTipper logos:

and were very pleased by the result. A big paws up for Dog Tag Art!


  • Virtual Leash Lifetime (for pet’s lifetime): $89 (includes tag)
  • Virtual Leash Annual: $19 plus $11.99 for tag
  • Virtual Leash free version: $11.99

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Disclosure: We received a subscription to Dog Tag Art for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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