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Review: CareLift Full-Body Lifting Harness from Solvit

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When I was a child, our dachshund Peanut suffered partial paralysis.  After many weeks of physical therapy in a tub in our back yard, cheered on by our duck, Daisy, Peanut regained the use of his back legs. During those weeks when he couldn’t walk, my dad carried him.

But that’s not an option for those of us with big dogs. When large dogs can’t walk or need help walking, it’s very difficult to manage the dog’s weight without assistance.

None of us wants to think of our dogs getting older and facing mobility problems but it can and does happen every day. Younger dogs as well can face injuries and surgeries that create mobility challenges.

To help dogs facing mobility problems, Solvit Products creates two excellent products: the CareLift™ Full-Body Lifting Harness which we received to review and the CareLift™ Rear-Only Lifting Harness.

As the names suggest, the two harness have specific uses. The Full-Body Lifting Harness, available in medium and large sizes to accommodate dogs from 35-130 pounds, features lifting handles at the hips and shoulders. Here’s a diagram from the Solvit site with all the features of this harness:

The rear-only harness doesn’t include the shoulder section, including on the back half of the full-body harness.

The full-body harness is a two-part harness (front and rear). Along with the features you see above, the harness also includes a shoulder strap, great for heavier dogs.

The harness is nice and soft, so soft, in fact, that you can leave it on your dog throughout the day for quick trips outside for potty breaks. The harness also includes a machine washable belly band for male dogs.

A big paws up for the CareLift™ harnesses to help pet parents care for injured or older dogs!

For More Information:

Photos courtesy Solvit Products

Disclosure: We received a CareLift harness for review; we were not paid for our review and all statements are entirely our own.

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