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Review: Stain Solver

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Product: Stain Solver®

What It Is: organic-based stain and odor remover

Manufacturer: Stain Solver Corporation, Meredith, NH

DogTipper Review: With two dogs and four cats (and two sometimes messy people), we have a lot of stains in our home. We’re always on the lookout for pet-friendly cleaners to test in our home so we were especially interested in testing Stain Solver. This  multi-purpose cleaner is said to remove all kinds of stains from most household surfaces and fabrics yet is 100 percent safe for pets, children and the environment.

Instead of harsh chemicals, this white powder contains only two  ingredients (both organic): oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate) and soda ash. Stain Solver works through the action of oxygen ion bubbles which are released when the powder is mixed with water. The bubbles attack stains and odors on a molecular level, dissolving them so they can be rinsed away.

Stain Solver is designed to work on a variety of surfaces: hard floors, bathroom tile, carpet and upholstery, wood decks, kitchen counters, clothing, just about anything. According to the company website, Stain Solver can safely clean any fabric which can be washed.

Founded by “Ask The Builder” columnist Tim Carter, the organic cleanser has a lot of uses around the house but we were particularly interested in what Stain Solver could do with pet-related messes; the company says the product can handle feces, urine and vomit stains produced by cats and dogs on carpets, destroying the odors as well.

It’s reassuring that Stain Solver contains no dyes, fillers, allergens, fragrances or other chemical additives. The active ingredient is registered by the FDA as food-grade quality. Every ingredient in Stain Solver is on the USDA’s and National Organic Standards Board’s list of approved substances allowed for use in organic food production. Another benefit:  Stain Solver is produced in the USA.

So, the question is, how well does it work? As luck would have it, the week after we received Stain Solver to test, Tiki vomited on our living room rug. It was a mixture of food and grass so there was a definite stain.

We mixed one scoop of Stain Solver with four cups of water, stirred it until it dissolved, and put it in a squirt bottle to apply to the rug (which was too large to go in the washing machine. If it had been washing machine size, we could have just added four scoops to the laundry.)

We mixed it up and squirted it on the stained rug until it was completely soaked. Per the instructions, we made sure there was enough to stay wet for an hour and gently scrubbed the stain. Then we waited. An hour later, we came back and soaked up the extra liquid with rags then we let it dry. The next day, we vacuumed…and the stain was gone. A big paws up for Stain Solver!

Stain Solver retails for $24.97 with free shipping for the 2.2-pound size. It is also available in larger sizes.

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Disclosure: We received a complimentary 2.2 lb. jar of Stain Solver for review; we were not paid for our review. All opinions are entirely our own.

Kim Ford

Sunday 24th of July 2022

How can I order

Tim Carter

Friday 10th of August 2012

Oh, one more thing. We changed our toll-free number. Can you update your post to show: 888-537-8833 Many thanks!

Paris & John

Monday 3rd of September 2012

Thanks, Tim; we've changed the number!

Tim Carter

Friday 10th of August 2012

Thanks so much for this great review of my product! I can tell you one more story for all the dog owners out there.

Two years ago my wife moved up here to New Hampshire. Our house in near some woods. Our frisky German Shepherd Lady decided to poke around in the woods and tangled with a skunk.

She came into the house and, of course, she smelled horrible. I immediately mixed up some Stain Solver solution, and with the help of my daughter to hold Lady, we poured it on her fur and rubbed it in. We were VERY CAREFUL around her eyes and mouth. You never want to get Stain Solver in a pet's eyes or any mucus membrane.

Within ten minutes Lady smelled as fresh as a Spring day! That's how powerful Stain Solver is. Not only is it a fantastic stain remover, it can get rid of tough odors too.

Paris & John

Monday 3rd of September 2012

Thanks, Tim; we've updated the price!