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Review: BooBooLoon Protective Petwear Collar

Product: BooBooLoon® Protective Petwear Collar

What it is: Inflatable protective collar for dogs

Manufacturer: Headroom Limited Inc. (BooBooBrandsTM), Weston, FL

DogTipper Review: Most pet parents have probably shared our experience with traditional Elizabethan collars. We have found them to be a pain in the neck both for our dogs and for us as we try to care for our injured pet.

Early in the summer, Tiki had to be treated for a fever, and we brought her home from the vet’s office in an “E-collar” so she would not disturb her bandaged leg. She was clearly uncomfortable in the collar and had difficulty eating and drinking and even moving around. It was worrisome for us as we tried to assess her condition following her treatment. Was she acting differently because of her injury or because she was disoriented by the collar?

The BooBooLoon collar promises to be a more humane version of the traditional E-collar. It is constructed of a soft, flexible material which, when inflated, assumes a doughnut shape, which is more comfortable than an E-collar’s rigid, inverted “V” shape. The collar is available in several sizes for different neck sizes of dogs:

  • Extra Small 3″ – 7″
  • Small 8″ – 12″
  • Medium 13″ – 18″
  • Large 19″ – 24″
  • Extra Large 25″ – 30″

To use the BoobooLoon pinch the base of the inflation valve and blow just as you would inflate a pool float. (In fact, we don’t see why it couldn’t be inflated using a pool float hand pump; just go very slowly.) A very important point: you only inflate the collar halfway or so.

Next, place it around your pet’s neck and secure it with the attached Velcro fasteners:

That’s it. Instead of a hard, rigid cone, your pet is cradled in a soft, supportive pillow that should be much easier for your dog (or cat) to go about their normal routine.

We tried it on both Tiki and Irie, and they both tolerated it pretty well. One tip: if you have a naturally cautious dog (like our Irie) or if your dog is acting apprehensive from their injury and/or treatment, you might want to inflate the unit in another room instead of in their presence. And, although the collar’s material is fairly substantial, it could be punctured with by a dog’s claw; for that reason, a patch kit is included.

We think the BooBooLoon collar is a great upgrade to the traditional injury collar. It is easy to clean and when not in use, it can be deflated, folded and easily stored. A big paws up for the BooBooLoon!

Update: BooBooLoon is now KONG® Cushion

Disclosure: We received a BooBooLoon Collar for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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