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Getting Fit with Tagg, Week Four

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Tiki (and Irie) wore their Tagg units on our daytrip to the lake last week.

Last week in our Getting Fit with Tagg series, we asked what questions YOU had about Tagg…and we got some great questions!

How do you set the home area on the tracker?

It was fast and easy for me to set up our home area. You go to the Tagg website and enter your physical address (or the address where your dog will be). It will then locate you and give you a pre-set area. Since we live in the country, I decided to make our home zone a little larger; it was as easy as “pulling” the circle so that it included all our property. You can move around the circle that defines your zone, using your mouse to get it positioned over the right spot.

Can the unit work on other devices besides the iPhone?

Along with the iPhone app (which is what we use), there’s also an Android app. You can also receive text message via SMS, email, or with your phone’s mobile browser. You can also use your desk computer or laptop.

How much does the unit weigh? I have Boston Terriers, is this too big for them to carry around?

How heavy is the unit?

The unit that fits on your dog’s collar is weighs 1.16 ounces. It measures 1.49” x 3.18” x .77”. Here’s a photo of the unit that clips to your dog’s collar:

When Sissy is with me, do I need to take the tracker off her or can she wear it on walks and trips to my moms?

What do I do when I take my dog on a walk or to the dog park so that I don’t get alerts that she’s out of her territory?

You can leave the tracker on your dog’s collar; I never take ours off of Irie and Tiki. The center button that you see in the photo above can be pressed twice to put the tracker into “trip mode.” That will prevent an alert from being sent for 15 minutes; if you’re out longer, you can repeat. I don’t use the trip mode (because I always forget about it!) but I know to look for alerts when I leave the home zone.

My dogs already have their regular collars with tags, plus their invisible fence collars. Would this be too bulky to add? Also, I don’t have a smartphone. Can the information (whether gps tracking or all this cool fitness options you’ve been posting about) be accessed on a regular computer?

The tracker fits on their regular collar so you don’t need to add another collar. (I’ve never used an invisible fence collar so I’m not sure how much extra space that would take up.) You can access the GPS and the fitness info on your regular computer!

Disclosure: We received Tagg units for review and Tagg is providing a unit to the giveaway winner; all opinions are entirely our own.

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Danielle E

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

I would feel somewhat better. Wilson has been trained not to jump out of the car without an okay even if the door is open. But I do worry sometimes when we are at other people's houses that someone will let him out by accident.

Sylvia Ortiz

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

If I had the Tagg Tracker while traveling with my dog, I would feel somewhat at ease knowing that I would be able to track to help find him but the Tagg wouldn't keep him from running away in the first place - which really scare me as I wouldn't want him to get hit by a car or endanger himself.

cathy henatyszen

Thursday 31st of January 2013

this is such an awesome product... had a few dogs stray before, not fun at all... my friend recently had his dog snatched, and it ended up in the pound... a system like this might have helped him lots

Robin Quick

Thursday 31st of January 2013

Yes I would feel a LOT better traveling with my dog if she had on a Tagg.


Wednesday 30th of January 2013

I would DEFINITELY feel more comfortable traveling with the Tagg on my beagle. After all, he's a BEAGLE! He tends to get too far ahead while walking through the parks and I freak out when he's out of sight. My beagle that I had as a kid escaped many times and we would always be in tears trying to find her because we lived near a busy main road and were always worried about what would happen if we couldn't find her in a day! This would definitely give me peace of mind.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.