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Help Shelter Dogs Win Toys from Bionic Pet Products!

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Update: Bionic toys are now sold by Outward Hound.

A few weeks ago, we told you about Irie’s teeth extractions. We went in to check the status of one molar on her upper jaw, which had a fracture that the vet thought might not be too deep but she couldn’t tell until it was x-rayed. Well, while Irie was being x-rayed, they also found that two molars on her lower jaw were abscessed. Irie had three molars extracted that day.

Since then, we’re extra careful about what we give her to chew. Irie is a MAJOR chewer and, in the past, has loved raw marrow bones. However, with these extractions (and nearly $1,000 in vet bills), we know that we have to find other options for her. And while Irie’s not a puppy, at the same time we know that if we don’t give her something to chew, she’ll FIND something to chew. In the past, she’s chewed not only items around the house but rocks that she finds in the yard!

When BIONIC Pet Products approached us about doing a review, we were definitely interested because these tough toys have been put to the test with numerous shelter dogs. Made with Bionic Rubber®, the toys are made to last…so we put them to the test with our tough chewer.

First up was the Bionic Bone, hollow so that it can be stuffed, curved to fit in your dog’s mouth, and ridged to provide the sensation that the dog is chewing into the bone itself. Irie volunteer to give it a try:

It was a big hit and, just like a marrow bone, Irie held it with her paws and chewed away:

Next up was the Bionic Urban Stick, also stuffable and with ridges but long enough for fetching as well. It was Tiki’s turn for some product testing next:

We’ve also tried the Bionic Flyer, a disc that’s as tough as the other toys:

Tiki and Irie have been playing (and playing…and playing…) with these toys for a couple of weeks now and the Bionic toys are living up to their reputation: they have proven indestructible so far! We can’t wait to try the Bionic Stuffer, which has different sized openings for kibble dispensing and the Bionic Ball, a stuffable ball that can be thrown like a regular ball…or tossed on one edge to jump around unpredictably!

Besides the fact that we don’t have to worry about these splintering or cracking teeth like a real bone, another aspect of the Bionic toys that we like is that they’re nice and clean! Unlike a raw marrow bone, we can give them to Irie and Tiki and let them get right up on the bed:

Irie and Tiki give the Bionic toys a big paws up! We’re very happy to have a chew toy that gives Irie the fun of chewing while, at the same time, protecting her teeth!

Donate Toys to Homeless Dogs With a Facebook Like!

For every 100 new Likes Bionic’s Facebook page receives this week, Bionic will donate a case of toys to a shelter for us. Since we’re coming up on DogTipper’s fifth anniversary, we thought it appropriate to designate Texas Humane Heroes, the shelter where we adopted Tiki nearly five years ago (when the shelter was the Humane Society of Williamson County) to receive the donation! This no-kill shelter, now with locations in Leander and Killeen, helps both dogs and cats find forever homes.

Disclosure: We received Bionic Pet Products toys for review but we were not paid for our review. All opinions are entirely our own–and Irie and Tiki’s!


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