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Review: Luggage Pros Personalized Luggage

As you know, John and I were travel writers before we were pet writers. We traveled a lot in those days, working on guidebook assignments and traveling, on average, once every six weeks. Most of our travel was to the Caribbean so we weren’t packing bulky clothes, just resort wear and cameras. We always carried on our luggage so we could hit the ground running and make the most of our time.

Because of those many years of living out of a suitcase, we’re picky–really, really picky–about our luggage. We know the pain of having luggage that goes one way when you go the other…or luggage that just won’t hold enough gear.

So we were curious–but a bit cautious–when Luggage Pros asked us if we’d consider reviewing their MyFly Bag™. This carry-on luggage can be personalized with your own photos including your pets! We decided to put it to the test!

Since we’ve got a book tour for our new Texas with Dogs guidebook coming up in November, we decided that we’d like to put our book cover on the luggage! Unlike a wrap, the image is put into the luggage so it’s protected. Four corners protect the edges of the luggage so we needed an image with plain corners. We used our book cover and put it on a plain background in our DogTipper blue:
We uploaded our image and the just waited for the arrival of our luggage, which was here in no time:


Our first reaction was WOW. The image was bright and super clear. It even came with a matching luggage tag!

But, as we know from 20 years of experience on the road, the true test of any piece of luggage is a road trip. We had one coming up in just a couple of weeks when we took Irie and Tiki to the coast.

The luggage performed like a dream! From the retractable handle to the FOUR wheels that spin 360 degrees to the two comfortable handles, this luggage passed the test with flying colors! Inside, a center zippered divider made organization easy (and the suitcase held a lot):


The suitcase was extremely easy to roll (and lightweight), even on asphalt:


But that was a fun family trip. How would the Luggage Pros bag hold up on a business trip?

Last week, I headed to Dallas for a quick Petmate advisory panel meeting. I only had two days of clothing but they were dressier than our trip to the beach with Irie and Tiki. Not only did the bag do a great job but it was also an ice breaker, an easy conversation starter.

I’m really looking forward to taking MyFly Bag to the annual Cat Writers Association conference next month (where I’m speaking about Twitter for Authors and Twitter for Shelters). I’ll be taking it to our book signings (where it’s going to be GREAT for carrying materials…and serving as a quick “sign” as well!)

Luggage Pros’ MyFly Bag is fast becoming my favorite piece of luggage!

Price: The MyFly Bag carry-on is priced at $ $129.99. The MyFly Tag is available for $7.95.

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Disclosure: We received Luggage Pros’ MyFly Bag™ for review. We were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

Teresa Rhyne

Monday 21st of October 2013

Love it! And how easy to identify one's own luggage!

Paris & John

Tuesday 22nd of October 2013

I love that...I don't have to worry about someone accidentally picking up my bag!! Paris

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