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Itchy Dogs? Don’t Miss Our Review of Splash Plus Shampoo!

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We’ve got an itchy dog. Our Irie scratches herself and licks her legs. Warm weather months (which, in Texas, means most of the year) are especially difficult for her.

We’ve tried a lot of products including special sprays and conditioners. We’ve still not been able to put a stop to the scratching. Not only is the itching difficult on our dogs (and potentially dangerous as they turn around to bite and chew on themselves and gulp air in the process), but it’s also difficult on the people in the household. If, like us, you sleep with your dog, then you know how disruptive it is to your rest to be awakened at night by a scratching dog. (And, yes, we feel very bad for the disruption in our dogs’ sleep cycles, too…but they get the opportunity to make up that lost sleep during the day. We only get one chance at a good night’s sleep!)

Recently we had the chance to test out Splash® Plus Clear Skin Shampoo, a shampoo designed by veterinary dermatologists specifically to address the issues of sensitive skin, whether that’s from Atopic Dermatitis, Infectious Dermatitis, Allergic Dermatitis, or other conditions. This veterinary shampoo (available without a prescription) is recommended for dogs who are:

  •      Itching belly, flanks and ears
  •      Chewing paws
  •      Emitting a foul smell
  •      Suffering from skin irritation or infection

Since Irie met just about all those criteria, we decided to put it to the test.

The shampoo is recommended for use three times a week in the first weeks as your dog’s itching begins to diminish. Irie absolutely loves being bathed so that was no problem.

We wet down Irie’s coat then put a small amount of the shampoo on her hair, concentrating more of it in the tail and back leg areas, where most of her itching seems to be located.


The shampoo had a light, clean scent; it doesn’t contain fragrances to mask that dog odor but, instead, uses Salicylic Acid to remove dead cells, oils and bacteria to allow skin to heal.

Once we had Irie lathered up (careful to avoid her head and eyes), we left the shampoo on her for about eight minutes, distracting her with a chew during that time. Once that time period was up, we rinsed off the lather, which came off easily.

From the first shampoo, we could see a difference in Irie’s itchiness. The scratching was greatly reduced and, by the third shampoo, was just about gone.

Now, not only does Irie rest better, but so do we. As an asthma sufferer, I have also appreciated the fact that Splash Plus reduces allergens that adhere to her coat every time she goes outside (not to mention the dead skin cells that naturally cling to her fur). Another benefit is that the “hound smell” that Irie develops from her somewhat oily coat is now gone.

3. SplashPlus3bottleimageAccording to Splash Plus, Irie’s results are typical of dogs using this veterinary shampoo. Dr. Valerie Fadok, DVM, PhD, DACVD, a veterinary dermatologist, says, “Splash Plus helped our atopic patients with pyoderma immensely. It brightens coats, dramatically reduces odor, and significantly lowers bacterial counts as assessed by cytology.” Her study found that 85 percent of the dogs with infected skin improved dramatically by shampooing with Splash Plus without using antibiotics!

We’re loving Splash Plus and plan to continue it through the summer. Irie will be able to drop back to one wash per week now that the itching is under control. Splash also makes the less expensive Splash Shampoo which does not include Salicylic Acid.

A big paws up for Splash Plus!

For More Information:

We have received a modest fee to cover our time testing this product; as always we only share products that we personally use with our pets.

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