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Irie and Tiki Model Martha Stewart Pets Costumes!

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OK, I have to admit it: my inner stage mother did a backflip when I got an email from asking if Irie and Tiki could model some Martha Stewart Halloween costumes for their site. I’m a huge fan of Martha Stewart Living magazine and love Martha’s projects…so I was thrilled at the prospect of Irie and Tiki appearing on her site!

They sent us a selection of Martha Stewart Pets Halloween costumes, all available at PetSmart.


The photo they ran in a special gallery of Halloween costumes features the Fairy Wing costume, one I really liked for dogs like Irie and Tiki who don’t like to wear clothes. The costume is no more distracting to the dog than a harness…but it’s so cute!


They also sent us a dog costume…of a cat! Tiki looked super cute in it. (Irie blew her ACL the day after the fairy wing photo shoot so she didn’t get to take part in the photo shoot of the cat costume!)


Here are more shots from our photo session!


We were provided with Martha Stewart Pets costumes for Irie and Tiki.

Heather Hammel

Tuesday 16th of September 2014

Sooo cute! I have three dogs, my Sister has two and my Mom has two. We've started doing a theme with their costumes. Last year I made all of the costumes- the Flintstones and this year I am making 4 of the costumes and we bought the other three. I will be posting pictures on my blog when they are finished. Winnie the Pooh theme this year!


Monday 15th of September 2014

They are adorable!!! And such wonderful models!!!

Paris & John

Monday 15th of September 2014

Thank you so much! They were both very good models...although I have to confess these photo shoots involved many treats :)