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Review: TropiClean Advanced Cleaning System

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This post is sponsored by TropiClean and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.


OK, I’m going to be honest: it is not easy for me to brush our dogs’ teeth.

I know I should. But, all too often, I don’t. There’s always a reason:

  • Irie and Tiki don’t like to have their teeth brushed.
  • I’m too busy.
  • I’m way too busy!

And so it goes.

However, I know I need to clean our dogs’ teeth, now more than ever. Last year, Irie lost three teeth due to slab fractures and Tiki lost two, all due to chewing on hardened marrow bones.

After their extractions, I made a commitment to make sure their remaining teeth REMAINED in their mouth. Besides the pain and discomfort to the dogs, the guilt, and the expense (over $1500 in all) of the extractions, it’s so important for dogs to have healthy teeth and gums.

Dental health is key to overall good health because, left untreated, oral disease can seep into the bloodstream and cause serious health risks.


The numbers are staggering: by the age of three, 80 percent of dogs (and 70 percent of cats) show signs of periodontal disease. Even if the teeth might look healthy on casual inspection, if your dog has “doggie breath,” it may be an early sign that he is developing oral disease.

This month, we’re trying out several TropiClean dental products with Irie and Tiki, starting with dental chews. We’ll also be trying out products like TropiClean Water Additive and the Clean Teeth and Gums Gel.


The Dental Chews Advanced Cleaning System, like other TropiClean products, are natural, healthy products.

Made with whole flaxseed and green tea, the dental chews are made with a unique design so that, as your dog chews down, the mechanical action of the chewing simulates brushing, helping to reduce plaque and tartar between cleanings.


The flaxseed works as an abrasive while the chew’s baking soda and parsley help freshen your dog’s breath. The green tea extract helps promote dental wellness.

The TropiClean dental chews are for dogs weighing at least 25 pounds (we’re good there at 57 and 63 pounds). They are not suitable for dogs weighing less than 5 pounds or for puppies younger than 6 months of age.

Another fact we really liked: the chews are made in the USA!

So the chews checked off the boxes on my product wish list…but what would Irie and Tiki think?



Monday 3rd of November 2014

Thank You so much for telling us about the TropiClean Dental Chews. Skipper and Schooner not like to have their teeth cleaned. Schooner chewed the brush up. They get dental chews. I will try TropiClean.

Paris & John

Monday 3rd of November 2014

Thanks, Sharon; let me know what Skipper and Schooner think of the chews! Irie gives them a paws up!!