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Yogabed Review!


One of the most popular discussions we’ve ever had on our DogTipper Facebook page was about sleeping with dogs. We found out that the majority of you share your bed with your dog(s) and, often cats as well. Tiki and Irie both share our bed (along with anywhere from two to four cats, who come and go through the night).

While we love to share our bed with our pets, we all know that sleeping with dogs (and cats) presents a couple of potential challenges:

  • the risk of potty accidents and the worry of how to clean the mattress
  • the risk of added stress on pressure points if a pet keeps you from turning over in the night (we’re talking to you, Irie!)

Well, we recently had the chance to try out Yogabed, a bed made with YogaFoam™ technology offering the responsive qualities of the material yoga mats are made out of–but better!

Immediately two qualities really stood out at us because they address the very issues that co-sleeping pet parents face. Yogabed offers:

  • a zip-off, machine-washable cover so that you can keep your mattress clean and fresh
  • the cradling comfort of a responsive mattress so that you don’t wake up with a sore shoulder–even if the 60-pound dog next to you has prevented you from turning over in the night.

We have used memory foam beds with our pets for years (and they were really helpful as Irie recovered from ACL surgery this fall) but we’ve always had a traditional mattress in our home so this will be a fun experiment for us. In the coming days, we’ll be bringing you more about our experience with Yogabed but, first, we want to share the unpacking!

Unlike most mattresses, Yogabed comes to you in a BOX. Honestly, I was a little skeptical about this since we were getting a king-sized mattress. How on earth could it arrive in a box?

Well, it did, and the box wasn’t even that large!


We removed our old mattress and moved the Yogabed box into the bedroom and on to our platform bed. (You’ll notice that our bed is low to the floor; we still have the legs off the bed as Irie continues to recover after ACL surgery.) The mattress ships free anywhere in the continental United States within five business days (and you receive a 101-night risk-free trial).


We opened the box and, inside, the mattress was secured with a band and was compressed in a bag. (Have you ever bought those storage bags for sweaters and vacuumed out all the air so you can store the sweaters in a small space? It was much like that.)


The box included a small tool like a letter opener to use to puncture the clear packaging, allowing air in the package. We could hear a slight whine, much like air in a balloon.


The bed slowly opened and over the course of about five minutes, as John continued to cut off the plastic covering, the bed gently unfolded into place until it was completely flat!

Inside the bed were two compressed Yogapillows, made of the same special foam. Over the next few hours, these pillows decompressed as well.

Within minutes, both Tiki and Lucky were up on the bed. Tiki decided it was the perfect place for a Downward Dog pose (hey, it is a Yogabed!)


Lucky decided the bed was better for cat stretches…


The springy mattress top is absolutely beautiful; you can see the zipper that allows you to unzip and pop it into the wash anytime:


So far, we’ve both slept like babies! Here’s a look at the unboxing of Yogabed!

We received a Yogabed for our review. As always, we only share products that we use with our own pets and all opinions and statements are entirely our own.


Wednesday 14th of January 2015

Wow! I hadn't heard of it before, but I guess it makes sense. I'll be interested to see what you think. What kind of mattress did you have before? Just curious for comparisons because the price is pretty reasonable for a mattress.

Paris & John

Thursday 15th of January 2015

That's a good question; I'll have to go look at the brand of our old mattress! We bought it three or four years ago when we upgraded from a double to a king (because Irie and Tiki were taking a bigger and bigger portion of the bed!)

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