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Review: Barkworthies Bully Sticks

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If there’s one thing Irie and Tiki LOVE, it’s bully sticks.

Since both dogs have had extractions the last couple of years due to fractured teeth, they no longer get to enjoy marrow bones like they did in the past. And Irie has a terrible habit of gulping down rawhides before they’re fully chewed, removing them from our list of possible chews.

But bully sticks (also known as pizzle sticks) are a safe alternative that we turn to whenever we want to give the dogs a chew. They’re 100 percent digestible and provide a good cleaning for their teeth as they chew (and chew), enjoying every last bit.

We recently had the chance to try Barkworthies, an all-natural, minimally-processed bully stick. We received some braided bully sticks for Irie and Tiki to enjoy, taking them with us on a trip to Inks Lake State Park for Irie and Tiki to chew while we had a picnic lunch. Not only did we feel good about giving a treat they loved but we were also glad that it’s a treat that contains only one single ingredient: FDA approved, all-natural free-range beef pizzle from Brazil.

We also received Bully Stick Flakes, an all-natural food topper made from (you guessed it), flakes of bully sticks. Containing powdered bully sticks from FDA-approved, grass-fed, free-range Brazilian cattle, this would be a great food topper for older dogs. I’m also eager to try it in a dog treat recipe. I’m thinking about rolling banana slices in the powder then freezing them for a great summer treat. Stay tuned for that recipe!

In all, Barkworthies offers over 60 great options for bully sticks. Along with the sticks sourced in Brazil, the company also has chews from Australia and sticks sourced from U.S. raised beef.

The size of the sticks varies greatly as well including extra thick double cuts for larger breeds, lengths ranging from 4-inches to 36-inch full canes, and, for an extra special touch, the handpicked Barkworthies Select Butcher’s Cut.

Shapes vary also; along with the  braids that Tiki and Irie enjoyed, you can also opt for rings, curls, and even pretzels. Our dogs like naturally scented bully sticks but, if you’re turned off by the smell, Barkworthies also offers odor-free sticks. They also feature sticks coated with glucosamine for joint care or collagen for healthy skin and coat.

Best of all, I like that Barkworthies chews are free of preservatives, additives, chemicals, and artificial colors. As for Irie and Tiki, they cared about only one thing: the fact that they’re great chews. A big paws up from Irie and Tiki for Barkworthies!

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We received Barkworthies products for review but no other compensation for this review. All opinions are entirely our own — and Irie and Tiki’s…

Katty k

Monday 29th of June 2015

my dog has never had a bully stick before I still can't get over what they are made of tho :/