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Review: Eureka Brushroll Clean Vacuum Cleaner

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Do you have a problem with your pet’s long hair (or yours) getting wrapped around your vacuum cleaner’s brush? With Tiki’s LONG tail fur (not to mention my own long hair), we have a real problem when it comes to vacuuming.


The job of cutting loose the hair (and strings the vacuum picks up) can be tedious. It’s one more cleaning chore that most of us would prefer not to do.

Well, now there’s an answer: the new Eureka Brushroll Clean™. This powerful vacuum was designed by Eureka with pet households in mind. Not only does the powerful motor do an excellent job cleaning everything from bare wooden floors to deep carpet with five different height adjustments, the vacuum also has an innovative feature which was new to us: an onboard brushroll cleaner.


This feature addresses a common problem encountered when cleaning a home with furry family members. We’ve all seen the collection of pet fur which typically builds up on the vacuum brush. Sometimes this hairy situation can even prevent the brush from rotating properly, putting extra strain on the motor and decreasing cleaning effectiveness.

With most vacuum cleaners, this mess can only be cleared manually as you interrupt your cleaning, turn off the vacuum, flip it over and cut and pick out the rolled and twisted mass by hand. Not only have you wasted time but you’ve also probably left another mess on the floor which must be vacuumed again.


The Eureka Brushroll Clean turns this chore into a snap. While the brush is turning, simply depress the Brushroll Clean pedal, located on the right rear of the vacuum, for 10 seconds and presto: the accumulated nest of hair and fibers is gone.


This bagless vacuum cleaner comes with a full assortment of traditional cleaning tools including an extension wand, crevice tool, brush attachment and a vacuum-powered upholstery cleaner, the “Turbo Nozzle,” which does a bang-up job on pet fur on couches and other soft surfaces. The clear debris container is easily detached from the unit and is easily emptied via a bottom trap door. Two removable filters, one in the clear container and another below in the vacuum head, are also simple to remove and wash out.

Another useful feature is the spring-retractable power cord, activated by pushing another button on the back of the unit.


Our only concerns: this vacuum cleaner is a bit heavier than those we are used to, making it more practical for single-story use. To switch from floor cleaning to using the attachments requires manually turning the air bypass on the side of the unit, a simple enough step but one which we forgot when using the unit for the first time.

We give the Eureka Brushroll Clean a big paws up!

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We received a vacuum for review and one for giveaway. As always, we only share products that we use with our own pets. All opinions and statements are entirely our own.

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