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New Carrier Allows You to Protect, Comfort Your Pet!

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Do you have a small dog (or cat) who travels in a carrier? Our Irie and Tiki are far too large for carriers–but we sure have a lot of experience with carriers with our cats. As readers of our CatTipper site know, this summer our cat Lucky became very ill with bladder stones; we were shuttling him to the vet every day (and twice a day some days) until his condition was diagnosed and, finally, treated with surgery.

When your pet is in a carrier, especially when he’s stressed or ill, your first instinct is to reach in and comfort him. Well, that’s easier said than done. It’s all too easy for pets to slip past your arm and out the opening of the hard-sided or soft-sided carrier. Because of that worry, we were always resigned to comforting Lucky through the locked door of the carrier. It definitely wasn’t the same as reaching in to pet and comfort him.

But soon there will be a new carrier that’s going to answer that problem. The Hatch Pet Carrier, now on Kickstarter, offers a direct reach no-escape hatch that allows you to safely reach inside and comfort your pet.

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Turn the knob to open the portal then slip your hand through the slot to reach in and pet your small dog or cat. The portal itself is made with material used by deep sea cave divers; it snugs around your wrist. When you’re done comforting your pet, turn the knob back to the closed position to prevent your dog or cat from reaching out through the portal.

I love this design!


  • Patented Direct Reach hatch
  • Custom molded EVA base
  • Custom padded shoulder strap
  • Interior Luxury Pet Bed is removable and machine washable
  • Entire front panel and both ends open for easy pet loading
  • Large zipper pockets on both sides
  • Ballistic 1680d Cordura® nylon exterior
  • Large open air mesh windows on side and ends for excellent ventilation
  • Seat belt straps for safe car rides
  • Roll-aboard luggage handle strap
  • Packs flat for easy packing and storage
  • Dimensions: 13” high, 19” long, 11” wide
  • Top can be compressed down to 11″ high when needed
  • Suggested maximum pet weight: 13-15 lbs.

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Photos courtesy Hatch Pet Carrier