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Is Your Dog-Friendly Car Ready for Trade-In?

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A couple of years ago, we reviewed the Kurgo Cargo Cape. Like car seat covers, this cover is made specifically to protect the cargo area of your vehicle from fur, paw prints, and whatever else your travels throw at it!

Since our review, our Jeep traveled many miles with Irie and Tiki. It made numerous trips to the sandy beaches of Texas…

…and countless trips to the lake for some doggie swimming and play…


Through it all, it protected the cargo area of our Jeep.

But in November, it was time for a trade-in. We’d held off as long as we could–16 years, in fact! But when we began having serious problems with the car, we knew we were ready for a trade-in. But was our vehicle ready for a trade-in?

At 16 years old, we knew that the book value of our vehicle was just about $1500. But it was important to us to get as much as we could at trade-in to put down on our next car. We cleaned the car and, after we found a 2012 Ford Escape we wanted to trade for, we got an estimate on the value of our car. We were pleasantly surprised that we got double our expected value for the Jeep!

I think one reason we had such good luck at trade-in was because of the Kurgo Cargo Cape. From the day we reviewed it in 2014, it stayed in the Jeep non-stop. Its smooth surface made vacuuming up sand, fur, and dirt much easier than from the carpet of the cargo area. We also travel with a silicone water bowl in the back; the Cargo Cape protected the back from many sloshes and spills.

Trading in our Jeep was a little sad but we’ve loved our new vehicle. We’ve already traveled with Irie and Tiki to Dallas, San Antonio, the Hill Country, and many state parks, and we’re happy to say that we’re all loving the new wheels.

And the switch from our old car to the new was made a bit easier by one other factor, too…the Kurgo Cargo Cape was the first thing we put in place when we had the keys to the new car. I think the familiar smell of the Cargo Cape, a scent coupled with many pleasant trips for Irie and Tiki, helped them adjust to their new car even faster!


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