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Barli Meets the Zwig! #ZwigvsTwig #WestPawUs #DogsBestFriend

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As you know from our photos, Barli is a fiend for sticks…

Since day one, he has searched the yard for sticks–big or small–and proceeded to destroy them…

We’ve been trying to wean Barli from his stick habit for some time now; after all, sticks can leave splinters in a dog’s tongue, throat and mouth–and more than one vacuum has suddenly stopped in our house when it hit the remains of a stick chewing session.

Recently we received the new West Paw Zwig™ (also available on Amazon), part of West Paw’s new Zogoflex Echo™ collection, also including the Rando™, replacing the tennis ball’s potential for toxic glue and intestine-blocking fuzz with a safe alternative. These West Paw toys–each made in the USA–are soft with a hollow core, bouncy, and durable.

Last week we enjoyed a family visit, part of which was spent out at the lake. We gave the Zwig a test to see if it floated:

Once it passed the test, it was time to introduce Barli:

Barli was a little suspicious at first…

But soon he was enjoying a game of fetch in the shallow water.

We’re still working on replacing Barli’s love of sticks with the Zwig but we’ve now got a great option when we tell him “trade me” whenever he finds a stick! Our next excursion will be to the beach with Barli and Tiki, and you can bet that the Zwig is already on the packing list!

We received a Zwig for our review; all statements and opinions are entirely our own.


Saturday 18th of April 2020

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