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Using CBD Hemp Products for Your Dog’s Cancer Pain

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This post is sponsored by Innovet. As always, we only share products with you that we use with our own pets!

It’s often said in business that the best products are often discovered when the entrepreneur is looking for a solution to their own problem. Sadly this was the case when Innovet’s mascot, rescue bulldog Gordo (above), had a bad reaction to his first round of chemo to treat an aggressive lymphoma. Innovet’s co-founder Dave Louvet researched PCR Hemp oil; reading about its benefits as an alternative treatment, he ordered some. Sadly, before the oil arrived, Gordo was gone.

At that same time, Louvet’s other dog, Maximus (below), a 16-year-old Lab, was battling nasal cancer–and stopped walking or eating on his own. When the hemp oil arrived, Louvet decided to try the hemp oil on Maximus.

Within 30 minutes of Maximus’ first dose of hemp oil, “we found him exploring our warehouse in an area that he had never before been in. Not only was he walking, he was using his sense of smell to try and find more food because his appetite was back and he had wolfed down the bowl of food that he previously refused,” recalled Louvet. “We’re convinced that PCR Hemp Oil gave us an extra month of quality time with Maximus and that it helped his joint pain which got him walking again, slowed his tumor growth and most surprisingly it reduced symptoms of senility and made him alert and curious of his surroundings.”

Innovet had long been a leader in the pet world with innovative products for helping blind dogs maneuver by scent, for an ear cleaning system for dogs and cats, and for a natural flea control product for dogs and cats. But after seeing the results that Maximus enjoyed with hemp oil, Innovet began to source hemp oil. The California-based company  searched for “the highest quality suppliers in Europe with the purest manufacturing techniques, and we are bottling it 25% more concentrated and at a much lower price than any other sellers of hemp for pets.”

The result was Innovet’s line of PurCBD+ products especially for pets. PCR (Phytocannabinoid Rich) Hemp Oil hemp oil–which can be taken orally as an oil or in a treat or capsule–is a natural compound thought to have therapeutic effects and is found in hemp. (It does not contain THC, the chemical in marijuana that would cause a “high” sensation.) Many pet parents have seen excellent results for relief of pain–whether cancer pain or chronic pain–with hemp oil:

CBD Made Her a Puppy Again — How Pain Was Ruining This Dog’s Life from Innovet Pet Products on Vimeo.

As Louvet saw with his dog Maximus, PCR Hemp oil has also been found by many pet owners to both relieve nausea and stimulate the appetite of their companion animals suffering from cancer or cancer treatments.

A quick look through the reviews of pet parents who have turned to Innovet’s PCR Hemp oil shows the results that many have enjoyed:

If your dog is faced with cancer or chronic pain, be sure to check out Innovet’s line of hemp products and talk with your vet about adding CBD products to your dog’s treatment. You’ll find more information about CBD–including a CBD Dosage Calculator–on the Innovet website. Innovet also has a very active CBD for Dogs & Cats, Pet Cancer, Pet Health and More Facebook group!

Photos courtesy Innovet

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