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Review: New Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet Sweeper

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Swiffer at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Spring is coming. For all the joy of sunny days, blooming flowers, and happy songbirds, all pet lovers know that spring brings one more thing that we can’t miss in our homes–shedding pets.

With temperatures having already hit 90 degrees here, I’m expecting Tiki and Barli to blow their coats any day now. Tiki, with her heavy double coat, always has a big spring shed. Barli was just a puppy last spring so I’m not sure how heavily he’ll shed–but, if the fall months were any indication, I’m expecting him to blow his coat and am already watching for tumbleweeds of dropped black fur. And, of course, our home is also shared by our three cats who, just like the dogs, also shed when the weather starts to warm.

What does all that shedding mean for our home?

  • Extra cleaning. The shed fur literally collects together beneath furniture. I’ve already found one clump of fur large enough to be mistaken for a puppy beneath John’s recliner.
  • Fur on our clothes. With both white fur and black fur in our house, I’m not able to wear clothing that camouflages the pet hair so I know the fur is visible.
  • Fur in the kitchen. Yep, that pet hair finds its way into the kitchen–and, in spite of my best cleaning efforts, sometimes into our food.
  • Fur in the HVAC filter. John changes the whole house filter on the HVAC filter every month, and during the spring and fall seasons it is heavily coated with pet hair.

Before this season’s shed begins, I wanted to give the new Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet Dry + Wet Sweeping Kit a try.

It’s part of the new Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet lineup of products specifically designed to trap and lock more pet hair so it can be handled before it gets dispersed throughout the house.

Available at Walmart, this line of products also includes dusters, dry sweeping mops, and wet mopping cloths, joining the lineup of Swiffer products you’re already familiar with for cleaning up after your two-legged family members.

The kit I snagged includes one sweeper along with seven dry cloths and three wet cloths; the sweeper is a two-in-one tool for sweeping with the dry cloths and mopping with the wet cloths.

The sweeper is easy to assemble, just connect the poles…

…add the cloth of your choice (I started with the dry cloth)…

…and then you’re ready to go. I started in the kitchen, which has a vinyl floor. The Swiffer Sweeper was very easy to maneuver and, if you have a dog who is at all reactive around vacuum cleaners, makes a great alternative because there’s no noise!

The dry cloths have three times the cleaning action to work on dirt, dust, and hair (which none of us want floating around the kitchen!) The cloth’s ridges and grooves are designed to conform to the floor to catch the fur–along with the dust and dirt–and hold it until you’re done and ready to toss the cloth.

From there, I moved on to the bedroom, which has a wood floor. Thanks to the exterior doors, this room gets a lot of foot (and paw) traffic.  I decided to give the wet cloths a try on this floor. (The Swiffer Sweeper wet cloths are safe on all finished floors, just don’t use it on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors.)

I knew that the wet mopping cloths were designed with a deep texture to catch the dirt, grime and fur…and I have to say that they really worked to both catch and hold the debris they encountered–including fur that was lodged beneath the piano, too narrow an area for my regular mop to reach.

Swiffer also picked up the muddy paw prints that Tiki and Barli had created after last week’s rain, and even some leaves that had blown in the door.

Best of all, when I was done, all I did was toss the wet cloth. No mop bucket to haul out, fill, and clean, no mop to wring out, no wet mop to store.

It was super simple to grab the Swiffer Sweeper and and just clean up the mess at hand. Refills are available with all the other Swiffer Sweeper products at Walmart.

A big paws up for the new Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet products!

Where to Find Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet Products

Find new Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet products – including dusters, dry sweeping cloths and wet mopping cloths – for a great price at Walmart.

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