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Joyride Harness Review: Should You Buy the Joyride No Pull Dog Harness?

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We love nothing better than to take Barli and Tiki with us on errands and day trips–and the number one rule on any trip is that the dogs need to stay safely with us. I love the assurance of a harness; I don’t have to worry about the dogs backing out of a collar. I’m always looking for harnesses that are super easy to get on–so when I had the opportunity to review the Joyride All-In-One™ No Pull Dog Harness — formerly the Pug Life harness — with Barli, I decided to give it a chance.

Review of Joyride Harness, formerly Pug Life Dog Harness

What is the Joyride Harness?

The Joyride Harness is specially designed to be super easy to slip on your dog. We all know how difficult it can be to put some harnesses on dogs (especially wiggly puppies).

This brand was previously the Pug Life Harness (although they’ve always had many non-Pug sizes).

This harness is designed to be super simple: put the chest loop over your dog’s head then clip the side buckle. That’s it!

The front portion of the harness is adjustable thanks to hook and loop fastener.

I adjusted it to Barli’s size, and now we’re set. The front of the Joyride harness is covered with a reflective strip for night walks.

Joyride Harness -- formerly Pug Life Harness reflective strips

The harness features a D-ring; it’s large enough that I had no trouble clipping the leash to the harness even when Barli was wiggling around.

Along with the back D-ring, the later version of the Joyride Harness features two side rings.

Pug Life Harness D-ring -- now Joyride harness for dogs

These side rings aren’t for everyday use but for training with pulling dogs; the off-center ring is designed to redirect the pulling dog.

The harness also features a secure handle between the rings, great for quickly grabbing your dog or holding your dog at your side while waiting at an intersection.

Joyride clips

The side buckle, just like a dog collar buckle, is easy to use.

As with any harness, it’s important to make sure you have correctly sized the harness so that your dog cannot back out of it. Pug Life makes six sizes, from XS to XXL.

What did I think of this harness?

The Pros

  • I loved the ease of putting on the harness on Barli; it literally takes seconds now that the harness is fitted to his size.
  • I liked how easy the chest strap was to adjust with the hook and loop fastener.
  • I loved the reflective strip on the chest strap.

The Cons

  • For Barli’s size (30 pounds), the buckle was too large and very close to his underarm. It’s fine for short walks but I would be concerned about it for long hikes.
  • The side rings: Barli isn’t a puller but, if he were larger and a puller, I would be concerned about the rings. The harness shipped with an explanation that the side rings are for training use–but it would be easy to get in the habit of using the side rings for everyday use. The center ring is larger and more robust.
  • I wish the chest strap had a buckle fastener in addition to the hook and loop fastener for added security.

In all, I liked the harness for short walks, and, if Barli had a longer torso so that the buckle fell further back from his arm, I would be comfortable using it for longer walks.

My Biggest Concern About Joyride or Pug Life

I am concerned about Better Business Bureau complaints regarding the company during its time as Pug Life.

Although I had no problem receiving a harness, I want to make sure our community members are aware. We’ve had many readers who have had customer service complaints regarding the company; you’ll see their comments below.

If you would like more information on the Joyride All-In-One™ No Pull Dog Harness, you’ll find it on the Joyride Store for $39.95 and on Amazon.

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Should You Buy the Joyride No-Pull Dog Harness?

We received a Pug Life Harness for our review; we were not paid for our review and all statements and opinions are entirely our own.

Featured image courtesy Joyride.

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