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Review: RompiDogz Tug N’ Toss Rope Dog Toy

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Are you looking for a durable rope toy that’s perfect for tug of war? We have to introduce you to the RompiDogz Rope Dog Toy!

As our regular readers know, our Barli is a tug of war pro. He loves nothing better than a good game of tug of war–and, as you might guess, he is tough on his toys.

We received a RompiDogz Tug N’ Toss toy for review and Barli put it to the test.

Immediately I noticed that this toy wasn’t your standard tug of war rope dog toy. Instead, it has some features that made the whole game of tug of war better not only for Barli but for me!

First, the toy is made from soft rope–which makes it easier for Barli to get a good grip on it but also makes it easier on my hands.

Just as important, the rope has a slight give to it–allowing Barli to get a good tug in while not giving me a jolt with each tug!

The circular rope–made from a polyester/cotton blend–returns to its shape when the game’s over. The interwoven rope is designed for durability to stand up to plenty of dog fun–whether you are using the toy for fetch, tug of war with you or tug of war between two dogs.

RompiDogz Rope Toys are available in three colors.

Barli–and I–give the RompiDogz Tug N Toss Rope Toy a big paws up!

Where to Buy

The Tug N Toss Roy Toy is available on Amazon in Small and Large sizes.

The toys are also available on the PetKi website with free shipping on orders $60 and over and at select retailers.

Pet Ki Enterprises has provided us with a toy for Barli.

Paris Permenter
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