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Review: GROOM Bathing Tablets

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This post is sponsored by GROOM Bathing Tablets.

Holiday company is coming. Your dog has rolled in something unmentionable so a bath is order–but you don’t really have time. You don’t want to just mask the odor or bathe your dog with dangerous chemicals. We’ve found the answer: GROOM Bathing Tablets!

I was intrigued when I was contacted by Julie and Richard Atherton, a husband-wife team whose Florida-based company brought GROOM Bathing Tablets to the US market after searching for a safe way for their sons to bathe their dogs without dangerous chemicals:

After their dog Coco exhibited inflamed skin after use of traditional dog shampoo, Julie and Richard started searching and soon found GROOM:

I came across a bathing tablet made with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, that was very popular among Japanese and European groomers. After trying it on Coco and Belle, my husband, Richard and I were amazed at the greasy film floating on top of their bath water, how clean they looked, how fast they dried and how great it was not to have to rinse them off. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted to bring this wonderful product to the US market.

GROOM is definitely far different than traditional dog shampoos you or your groomer may have used in the past:

  • It doesn’t create suds–which makes a GROOM bath super fast with NO RINSING.
  • It’s a pH neutral product.
  • It uses sodium bicarbonate ions to deep clean your dog’s coat and skin–perfect for dogs with skin allergies, hot spots, yeast, and dry skin.
  • GROOM contains No Sulfates, No Fragrances, No Parabens, No Dyes.

With all that to recommend it, I was eager to give GROOM Bathing Tablets a try. Along with the natural aspects of GROOM, I was also very interested in a bath without rinsing. Both Barli and Tiki are less than cooperative when it comes to baths so speed count

How to Use GROOM Bathing Tablets

Just as GROOM is different from traditional shampoos in its composition, the way you use these bathing tablets is also unique.

Although you can use GROOM Bathing Tablets in a tub or even in a watering can to pour over your dog’s coat, I gave it a try using the special GROOM Pet Shower Head:

This shower head is specially made to open and hold a GROOM Bathing Tablet. This shower head attaches to a typical garden hose for outdoor baths.

For cold weather bathing, you can dissolve GROOM in a bathtub or, if you have a hand-held shower head that attaches to your tub with a hose, you can use that as well.

The shower head was easy to place on the hose–and, even with our normally low water pressure (thanks to our well)–this shower head REALLY produces a great spray that helps make this bathing exercise a fast one:

As you can see from the photos, there’s no suds!

If you’re doing an outdoor bath, Julie and Richard recommend having your dog stand in a plastic tub (like the photo with their sons, above) to get the benefit of a good paw soak while you’re doing the bath. GROOM helps get all the gunk out of your dog’s nails and deep cleans his paw pads–especially important if your dog is walking through wintertime de-icing salt and chemicals. (Unfortunately Barli said no to the clear tub I tried–so we’ll do his next bath in our bathtub!)

And the result? The bath took literally MINUTES. Barli dried quickly–and his fur looks great with a beautiful, clean sheen. He smells clean–not perfumey–and he’s now holiday-ready!

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