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“Who’s That Dog?” Showcases Shelter Happy Endings

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Who's That Dog book cover

A quick web search will reveal countless dog photos of homeless dogs waiting for a forever home, one that may—or may not—come. Aside from a short description, usually little information is available about the individual dogs.

But Who’s That Dog? 35 Fabulous Rescues That Found Their Forever Homes aims to put a story behind the photos. This book marries professional photography by acclaimed pet photographer Mark J. Asher with the happy stories of the former shelter dogs themselves.

Old Friends cover

The author of the best-selling book Old Friends has worked to show the individuality behind the many dogs that have, at some time, called a shelter home.

Shelter dogs will reward you with a lifetime of love for saving them, and giving them a good life.

Mark J. Asher

“My idea for Who’s That Dog?  was to showcase rescue dogs in a fun and unique way,” recalls Asher. “For the first image of each dog, we see the dog from behind, and learn about their story. In the following photograph, we meet the dog face first. “

Stitch, The Dog That Had To Be Stitched Back Together

Each set of photos is accompanied by the dog’s personal story, dogs such as Stitch.

“A Bureau of Land Management worker found this little guy in the forest, torn apart by a predator, and in horrible shape. It took 62 stitches to put him back together, thus the name Stitch. He is such a wonderfully sweet dog for all he’s been through.“

Dalton, The Dog Who Lost Half His Coat

The resilience these shelter dogs have shown is seen in other stories as well, such as Dalton, a Bullmastiff that had a skin infection that caused him to lose over half his coat.

Although an older, large dog, often one of the last to get adopted in many shelters, Dalton was assisted by an organization called Pilots n Paws, flying Dalton from Los Angeles to Davis, California to meet his new owners.

Asher knows firsthand how wonderful shelter adoption can be; the book’s last image is of his own dog, Payton. 

“I got him years ago from a wonderful rescue organization (Pet Orphans) in Southern California. He was six months old at the time, and I couldn’t resist him! I waited a year after losing my dog, Humphrey, but when I met Payton, I was finally ready to get another dog.“

Through its photos and heartwarming stories, Asher hopes the book will “illustrate how many wonderful dogs are out there, waiting to be adopted.” A portion of the proceeds from the book’s sales goes to help animal non-profit organizations.

“My hope is these rescue dogs can help rescues and shelters to create more happy endings. Shelter dogs will reward you with a lifetime of love for saving them, and giving them a good life.”


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