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Review: Blue Zoca Premium Waterproof Blanket

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This post is sponsored by Blue Zoca.

For the past several years, we have worried about pet stains on our bed…so much so that we’ve had to cover the bed with a waterproof fitted sheet (the plain white kind that generally goes UNDER the covers to protect the mattress).

Why all the worry? Bladder surgery four years ago left our cat Lucky incontinent. Then two years ago, we adopted five-month-old Barli–who had spent the first three months of his life in a kennel at the shelter. The concept of peeing outside was a new one to him.

Barli’s housetraining took just a matter of weeks but Lucky’s issues continue. Besides incontinence issues, there’s always the risk of a sudden hairball on the bed–or as soon as the weather warms up–a wet dog coming in from a dip in the creek.

With all these risks, we’d just about given up on the idea of our bedroom looking nice, choosing functionality over fashion. But no more.

We just learned about Blue Zoca premium waterproof blankets. These lightweight blankets are specially designed to solve the problems we–and many other pet parents–face daily: keeping pet stains off the bed all while making our bedroom look nice.

A special waterproof layer, nestled between two plush layers, provides protection for the bed, absorbing liquids and stains, all within a reversible, velvety microfleece blanket.

You can use the blanket on your bed (it’s large enough for every size including queen and king beds), on your couch, in your car and on the road.

I’m seriously in love with this blanket! It’s soft for nighttime use, lightweight enough to use year around and, best of all, protects our bed covers throughout the day and night.

I chose the Merlot/Gray Mist for our bedroom; the blanket is also available in Gray Smoke/Gray Mist and, the newest color combo, Midnight/Gray Smoke.

How Blue Zoca Waterproof Blankets Work

Each Blue Zoca blanket is made with three layers: two velvet plush layers (each side is a different color so you can flip the blanket for a new look) and a middle layer with stay-dry lining.

This lining is what will protect your bed and the covers below when/if your wet dog jumps on the bed, vomits on the bed or has a potty accident!

When your Blue Zoca blanket is soiled, you can machine wash it separately from other clothes on the cold, gentle cycle. (Do not bleach and don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets.) Tumble dry on low or no heat or hang it out to dry (always my favorite!)

By Dog Lovers, For Dog Lovers

Like me, I know that most of you look for pet products created by people who don’t just design pet products but USE the products they design in their own homes, with their own pets. In other words, products like Blue Zoca:

We’re Heather and Laura, the creative forces behind Blue Zoca Inc. We may be in charge but we wouldn’t even exist without Josie and Buddy, our Golden Doodle and Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier rescue. They’re each our third child, our love bug, a member of our families, every bit as much as our husbands and sons are. We love them and they adore us too.

We created our Blue Zoca Waterproof Blankets to make it easier to let our dogs be a part of our everyday life without sacrificing cleanliness, style and comfort in our homes. Our pups test every blanket we design and if they don’t like them, we won’t sell them.

That’s what Blue Zoca is all about — creating high quality products that make it easier for you and your pet to feel at home together.

— Blue Zoca

Blue Zoca blankets come in three color combinations:

We give the Blue Zoca waterproof blanket a big paws up for keeping our bed protected and stylish at the same time!

Lesley Sterling

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

I like the Midnight/Gray Smoke.

Lily Kwan

Sunday 22nd of March 2020

I would choose Merlot/Gray Mist.

Veronica Garrett

Sunday 22nd of March 2020

I would l like to win Merlot/Gray Mist.


Sunday 22nd of March 2020

What a wonderful product! It’s a tough choice, but I would love to win the Merlot / Gray Mist blanket.

Daniel Scott

Sunday 22nd of March 2020

I would like the Midnight/Grey Smoke blanket.