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Worried About Fireworks? Calm Your Dog with Heavenly Hounds

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Heavenly Hounds calming treats #sponsored

The countdown is on to the most stressful night of the year for countless dogs and dog lovers: the Fourth of July. Fireworks phobia is a real issue for many, many dogs (which helps account for the fact that more dogs go missing this night than any other time of the year.)

This post is sponsored by Heavenly Hounds.

I can count ours in that group of stressed out dogs: Barli HATES fireworks. Tiki doesn’t care for them and would certainly prefer they not happen…but Barli reacts in a way that makes even going out for an evening potty stop out of the question.

Of course, as with many dogs with fireworks fears, Barli’s phobias also extend to thunderphobia and fear of gunshots. Because of that, I’m always on the lookout for a calming aid that will help him feel relaxed during stressful situations–but won’t leave him glassy-eyed and sleepy.

I was so happy to learn about Heavenly Hounds Peanut Butter Flavored Relaxation Square, a brand of USA-made calming treats specially formulated to relax your dog before a stressful situation–without the use of pills, diffusers, or oils. Instead, Heavenly Hounds relies on a delivery method that’s definitely a favorite with dogs: a yummy treat.

Individually foil wrapped, Heavenly Hounds are square, moist treats made with peanut butter. Each treat is baked in a human grade bakery located in Tampa, Florida–and smells just like a peanut butter bar, but for your dog! These squares are far more than a yummy treat, however; they’re designed to provide effective, fast-acting relief for stressed and anxious dogs–perfect for use in our household before the Fourth of July fireworks and many other stressful situations.

Stressful Situations for Your Dog

stressed dog

Along with firework fears, Heavenly Hounds also helps alleviate stress caused by:

  • thunderstorms
  • groomer visits
  • routine vet visits
  • travel
  • separation anxiety
  • meeting strangers
  • boarding and more

What’s In Heavenly Hounds Calming Treats?

Don’t worry about a complicated list of ingredients you can’t pronounce; I was happy to see that these treats contain simple, clean ingredients with added vitamins and minerals including:

  • Valerian Root
  • Passion Flower
  • Niacin
  • Thiamin

What’s NOT in Heavenly Hounds

Heavenly Hounds package dog treats #sponsored

Just as important as what’s in these USA-made treats, is what’s NOT found in each foil-wrapped bar. I love that these treats contain:

  • no wheat
  • no soy
  • no corn
  • no hemp
  • no CBD
  • no preservatives

How to Give Your Dog Heavenly Hounds Calming Treats

Heavenly Hounds calming treat for stressed dogs #sponsored

You’ll want to give your dog his Heavenly Hounds calming treat up to 30 minutes in advance of the stressful situation; the treats work in about 15-20 minutes. The effect lasts two to four hours.

As with all calming aids, remember it’s much better to give your dog a calming treat BEFORE the stress begins rather than trying to reel back that anxiety once the nervousness stars. Get that treat ready before the sound of the first fireworks!

Each pre-packaged moist square can be easily broken apart to provide a treat for your dog’s size. While 30-pound Barli enjoyed a full square, smaller dogs will get a smaller portion:

  • If your dog weighs under 10 pounds, feed 1/4 of the square.
  • For dogs 10-20 pounds, feed 1/2 a square.
  • Dogs like Barli who are over 20 pounds receive a full square.

If you’re breaking the treat up for a smaller dog, be sure to store the remainder in a zippered bag.

While I can’t say I’m looking forward to the Fourth of July firework noise in a few days, I am looking forward to giving Barli a calming treat to help him relax and avoid the stress and anxiety he normally experiences during fireworks. (And Barli’s just looking forward to that yummy treat!) A big paws up for a calming treat to help make it through the holiday with less stress!

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