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Review: Earthbath Foaming Facial Wash for Dogs

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Want an easy way to keep your dog’s face clean–without resorting to a full bath or grooming session? A no-rinse facial wash just might be the answer!

We recently learned about earthbath® Foaming Facial Wash for dogs and had the opportunity to test it out with our Isla. As a 12-month-old dog, she is on the move all the time so a full bath is a big event. With her white fur, the area around her mouth especially is prone to getting dirty so I was eager to see if there was a way to clean her face quickly, easily and safely.

We were gifted this earthbath product; all opinions and statements are entirely our own (and Isla’s!)

What is earthbath Foaming Facial Wash?

This gentle foaming facial wash is specifically formulated for your dog’s delicate face–and made to remove dirt, lighten tear stains and clean facial folds.

This product is formulated to be compatible for dogs with skin sensitivities or allergies–and can be used on puppies age six weeks and older.

This facial wash is designed to be a no-rinse formula so you can either put it on your dog’s fur then wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth or your can let it dry then towel it off. I used an earthbath Mircrofiber Face Towel.

The facial wash can be used daily on your dog’s face but take care to keep it out of your dog’s eyes and ear canals.

What’s in the Facial Wash?

The ingredients list is simple:

  • purified water
  • renewable plant-derived and coconut-based cleansers
  • vitamin E
  • organic aloe vera
  • bilberry seed oil
  • blueberry seed oil
  • phenoxyethanol (an organic chemical compound often used as a preservative in cosmetic products)

I know you’re familiar with all the goodness of blueberries–but, if you’re like us, you started wondering about bilberries as soon as you heard the name!

Bilberry seed oil is derived from the seeds of the bilberry plant, a close relative of blueberries and huckleberries. The bilberry plant is native to Northern Europe (which is why we aren’t familiar with it!) and is known for its dark blue-black fruits and medicinal properties.

Bilberry seed oil contains essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids are beneficial for your dog’s skin health and have anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is rich in antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and anthocyanins. These compounds help protect your dog’s skin from oxidative stress and environmental damage.

If, like us, you were wondering if an oil from these dark fruits is safe to use on light coated dogs, the answer is yes. The facial wash (which as you can see is white foam) can be used on any color coat–so I got ready to put it to work on Isla’s white fur!

What’s NOT in earthbath Facial Wash?

earthbath products contain NO parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, soap, lanolin, DEA or synthetic dyes.

You’ll find no GMO ingredients–and earthbath vegan products have never been tested on animals. They are always formulated with no animal ingredients or by products.

All earthbath products are made in the USA!

Our Experience

Isla’s favorite activity in the world is to play fetch. She absolutely loves balls (so much so that we have to keep them in a drawer when they’re not in use).

However, her saliva gets all over the ball–and soon gets all over the fur surrounding her mouth. That wet fur then picks up dirt during her fetch games–resulting in a lot of dried dirt and saliva around her mouth.

I set out to wash Isla’s face with the Foaming Facial Wash, first combing out her face with a steel comb (to separate the saliva-matted fur and let the face wash really get around all the fur and down to the skin).

Next, I put a small amount of the wash in my hand and wiped in on her mouth.

I used my fingers to work it in the fur then wiped it off with a warm, damp earthbath microfiber face towel.

The result?

There was a NOTICABLE reduction in dirt around her mouth (which was then easy to see on the towel). She didn’t mind this little mini-bath which only took minutes; she didn’t try to lick her face or paw at her face (and didn’t jump up and try to roll in anything!)

I’m very happy with the results and look forward to cleaning her face with the earthbath Foaming Facial Wash every few days to help prevent staining and to reduce the dirt on her face. I loved that this is a no-rinse formula (especially with cold weather around the corner), and love that I can feel safe about its ingredients.

A big paws up for earthbath Foaming Facial Wash!

Where to Buy

You can find earthbath Foaming Facial Wash on their website, on Amazon and in your favorite pet supply stores.

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