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Barli Tries The Farmer’s Dog

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Last winter, Tiki and Irie reviewed The Farmer’s Dog, a meal delivery service that features real food with USDA human-grade ingredients. Delivered within days of cooking, the freshly made pet food comes frozen in a variety of recipes, ready to serve.

As you know, a few years ago we authored The Healthy Hound Cookbook (Adams Media, part of Simon & Schuster). I love to cook both treats and meals for our dogs–and they love fresh ingredients–but my schedule sometimes makes that difficult.

That’s where The Farmer’s Dog comes in.

Developed when the founder’s dog had an intolerance of commercial foods, The Farmer’s Dog takes the work out of homemade pet food by creating meals based on your dog’s specific needs and tastes.

While we’d tried it with adult dogs, we hadn’t tried The Farmer’s Dog with a puppy–until now. Barli received a box of The Farmer’s Dog to review, an easy process that begins online with information about your dog size, activity level and breed(s). Based on your dog’s size, age, and activity level, The Farmer’s Dog will create a meal plan with the option of selecting your dog’s favorite flavor(s):


Barli loves turkey, beef and pork so we selected all three recipes for him to try. Online you’ll find a complete breakdown of each recipe, from ingredients to Kcal count:

As you can see, The Farmer’s Dog foods are formulated for all life stages, so we could feel good about feeding it to Barli, still in his puppy stage.

The Farmer’s Dog arrives frozen (yes, even in our 105 degree weather…we were impressed!), each packet containing one day’s meals:

Barli didn’t understand that he needed to wait for the food to thaw…he was ready to dig in!

A quick glance at the food shows that this is no ordinary dog food; you’ll see that it looks like a meal for humans, with easily identifiable bits of veggies in the mix:

Barli gives The Farmer’s Dog a big paws up; he didn’t leave a scrap of food on his plate at any meal! You can opt to feed The Farmer’s Dog at every meal or, if you’re watching your budget, use it as a food topper or replacement for just part of your dog’s meal. And, speaking of budget, if you would like a two-week trial for your dog, click here to receive 50% off your trial–and let us know what your dog thinks of The Farmer’s Dog!

For More Information:

Barli received a trial of The Farmer’s Dog; we were not paid for our review. If you order a trial for your dog, we will receive a stipend for your first order. As always, we only share products that we use with our own dogs and ones that we think you’ll love!

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