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Choosing Dog Stairs and Ramps

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Do you think your dog might need steps or a ramp? Today we’ve got tips by Victoria Knight of on determining if your dog might need stairs or a ramp to help make his life a little easier–and an overview of the types available:

866741.thbMany of us are dog owners and understand the close bond we create with our precious pets, assuming responsibility over their health and well-being, taking care of them like a child, ensuring that they are able to function and live comfortably. What this means is that we watch out for our pups and provide them with the means necessary to live a great life. We enjoy our pet’s company and want to enjoy it for a long while. At the same time, we are also aware that our dogs are subject to ailments, injuries, and definitely old age. We also know that our hounds enjoy our company just as much as we enjoy theirs and they always want to be near us. For these reasons, and many more, pet stairs or ramps are a hot commodity on the market of pet products that we all could make great use of.

Convenience and Safety

From the start of you and your pet’s relationship, you should look into getting pet stairs or ramps. When we bring home our new puppies, we will want to accommodate them fully. Beginning to form the initial bond, your new friend is going to want to be near you at all times. When you sit on your couch or in your bed, your pet is going to want to follow you right up. Pet stairs and ramps will provide the boost they need to join their new master easily, without injuring themselves trying to jump up to you.

There are several small breed dogs that have a difficult time jumping on and off furniture, thus, causing injury at times. There are also several dogs that may be at an increased risk or may already be suffering from various ailments such as arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, Cushing’s disease, and other types of ailments that could debilitate your animal and make it more difficult to join you at your post. There are also those family pooches that are just not as young as they used to be and no longer are able to soar up onto your furniture with ease and grace, further promoting risk of injury.

Does Your Dog Need Stairs or a Ramp?

If any of these situations apply to your pooch, you may want to consider investing in pet stairs or one of the ramps in order to better facilitate your canine companion and allow them to begin and continue to enjoy your company with great ease. If you have a pet that has recently encountered some sort of injury, you may want to stick to a ramp allowing a straight walk up without the need for hopping. These are great for those dogs that are riddled with pain and arthritis. Stairs are great for puppies in order to give them a little challenge on the way up.

What Types are Available

When searching for pet ramps and stairs, you will have a few options to choose from. There are various types of materials that these stairs and ramps can be made of with the base consisting of a durable and lightweight foam for soft edges and stability without weighing a ton. There are also various ramp or stair covers that can be purchased in Berber, Suede, Super-Suede, or any other durable, yet attractive, material.

Searching online, you will find that there are several retailers that are offering quite competitive prices and will often offer web specials that can’t be beat. There are also several pet stores that will offer these products for great prices allowing you to search locally without the need for shipping, however, you may still find a better deal online.