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Puppy Photography: How to Photograph Your Puppy

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We love photographing our dogs…but every time we do it we really respect the work of the professional pet photographers even more! Getting your dog’s attention and capturing that special expression isn’t always easy–and, if your dog is still a puppy who doesn’t know commands, it can be even tougher.

Puppy Photography: How to Photograph Your Puppy

How to Photography Your Puppy

Today we have a special guest post from Kim Hartz of Kim Hartz Photography, a boutique photography studio that specializes in pet and newborn photography in Houston, Texas.

Photographing puppies, around 8 to 12 weeks, can be tough. Most of them don’t know any formal commands, or even their name yet. So, what can you do to make sure you get the shot that captures that cute little ball of fur?

Before the shoot: playtime!

Step 1, play, play, play! Wear that pup out! I know this seems like common knowledge, but this step is the most time consuming and important.

Once that little pup is tired, they don’t move as fast.

Know what gets your puppy’s attention

It is also important to find out what they respond to – is it treats, squeakers, treat bags crinkling, funny noises, or something else?

Find out what it is and use it, but make sure you are prepared because the window to take that photo is pretty small.

Also, don’t over use it. Dogs will stop responding to a noise they have heard a few times… even their own name!

Plan the Photo Shoot

Make sure you get everything ready before you start photographing so all you have to be prepared to do is grab attention and take the photo.

The best time to photograph pets in natural light is early morning or late afternoon – so pretty!

Make sure to position your pup where the angle of light is coming in from the side. A 45 or 90 degree angle can get you some beautiful light!

Now, go out there and get some good puppy photos!

Need More Tips?

PetSmart has a few additional tips on fetching that perfect puppy photo:

  • Win us over with a perfect lazy shot.
  • Earn giggle points with sleepy faces.
  • Double the love with double the puppies.
  • Zoom in on the face to enhance cuteness.
  • Use a prop (costume, toys, food bowls).

Top photo courtesy Kim Hartz Photography