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Comparing Annual Cost of Small vs. Large Dogs

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This week we compared the costs you’ll face the first year when adding a small dog versus a large dog to your family.  Today we’re going to look at the continued cost comparison for a small versus a large dog.

For your annual costs, the ASPCA estimates these minimum costs:

  • Small dog: $580
  • Medium dog: $695
  • Large dog: $875

Just how those annual expenditures break down varies from home to home, of course, but, in general, the biggest difference in the annual cost of small versus large dogs comes in the category of food. The ASPCA estimates a small dog will cost $55 per year to feed, a medium dog $120, and a large dog will cost $235 per year to feed.

Remember, though, that your dog food expense is one area where you don’t want to cut too many corners; we never buy cheap food (premium food bought cheaply is another story!) Premium dog food containing quality ingredients is an investment in your dog’s health that saves you money down the line.

Paris Permenter
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