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Helping Overseas Military Pet Lovers with Your Coupons

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I was just doing some research about manufacturer’s coupons and came upon some Facebook pages for companies that collect coupons–both ones you can use and expired coupons–to send to military families overseas. I know we often have pet food coupons that we can’t use, whether because they’re for food we don’t buy or because we just forget to use the coupon before its expiration date.

However, military families can use those coupons, even expired ones, at base commissaries. The commissaries accept manufacturer’s coupons that have expired within the last six months.

Several clearinghouses collect the coupons and send them to US military bases overseas. Some ask you to put non-food coupons, such as those for pet food and pet products, in a separate non-food envelope; others will sort the coupons themselves. Check the websites for mailing addresses and directions.

The coupons they’re looking for are manufacturer’s coupons. They can’t use store-specific coupons and they can’t use restaurant coupons. They can forward Catalina coupons (those are the ones that print out at the cash register for savings on your next purchase of certain products.) For just the cost of postage, you can help a fellow pet lover overseas with pet and other coupons!

Where to Send Your Coupons:

  • Coups for Troups This group has flyers you can print and use if you’d like to collect coupons at a specific location and send them in a batch or individuals are welcome to send coupons as well. Along with the website link, you’ll also find this group on Facebook at Coups for Troops.
  • Troopons® Support Our Troops® coupon program. The coupon program is one of several different programs operated by They ask that coupons not be older than two months beyond their expiration date since it does take time for the coupons to get shipped overseas. They ask that food and non-food (pet) coupons be in separately marked envelopes.
  • Overseas Coupon Program. This program is a little different than those above because you “adopt” an overseas base and send your coupons (new and expired) directly to the base. You’ll find a list of overseas bases and indication of whether that base is seeking coupons.
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