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Ask Alecia: My Dogs Are Getting Out!

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Dear Alecia,  I have a lab/husky mix that I’ve had since he was 8 weeks old; he’s currently about 9 months old. We recently built a new dog pen for when the dogs are outside (we have a Saint Bernard and miniature dachshund, too.)

Lately, the miniature dachshund and husky/lab mix have been getting loose. The miniature dachshund is about 3 or 4 years old and stays around the house when she gets out, but the husky/lab mix thinks it’s amusing to get use to chase him all around the neighborhood.

While we’ve tried to figure out and fix where they’re getting out, we haven’t succeeded. Our last resort is an  electric fence. I’ve done training with him and he’ll come in any other situation when his name is called except for when he escapes. My questions are why does he do this and how do I train him to come all the time? –Alexa

Dear Alexa,

First and foremost I might consider investing in a mini-camera you can put outside that will give you full view of your backyard and that you can watch on your computer.  This should allow you to see exactly where those two rascals are getting out.

As for your Husky loving the “catch me if you can” game, Huskies are notorious for this kind of behavior.  Remember, too, your husky has a much wilder nature than a typical dog so his natural instinct is going to be to run as far as he can, as long as he can, whenever he gets the chance; it’s just his nature.

One of the ways I woke with more instinctual breeds is using long leash work.  Typically we will go out for a walk to the park and I will allow the dog up to 40 feet of room on a long leash to roam and call him on a come command.  This does two things: (1) it establishes our bond and energy connection at longer distances which you will want to do if the dog gets loose and (2) it gives you the ability to correct the dog immediately if he does not come by reeling him in and eliminates the game of chase.

I have trained a number of dogs to an invisible fence collar which will emit a high pitched sound or a produce a quick shock if the dog tries to pass the fence line.  This is a fair effective way to keep the dog in the yard  once they learn the boundaries which is often very quickly.

Paws Up!

Alecia Evans, PDT, MA

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Alecia Evans is the inventor of The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System with her exclusive 5 Minute Manners Makeovers using the Walk In Sync™ Harness and Accu-Grip Leash, along with her Walk In Sync™ 3 Easy Steps to teach any human/dog duos to Walk In Sync in just minutes.

The former host of the award-winning GrassRoots Aspen TV Series, The Whole Animal-An Alternative Approach to Animal Care, Alecia takes a natural approach to dog training and health care. Her work has been featured on Fox and Friends, The Sandra Glosser Show, NY 1, and in Aspen Magazine,, The New York Daily News and Woof Report.

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