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Raising Veterinary Funds through IndieGoGo

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We often get emails from readers asking about ways to raise money for their dog’s care. We recently learned about IndieGoGo, a crowdfunding website, and how one couple used this innovative site to raise money for their new puppy’s veterinary expenses.

Travis Stephens and Jillian Keener had Mochi (above) only but a day before they learned he had parvo. As they approached their credit limit on their Care Credit card from buying Parvaid for Mochi, they turned to IndieGoGo for help. They also used Pinterest to drive users to the IndieGoGo campaign site to donate money. They created an album of many pictures taken of Mochi, included a brief background story and put them under the title “Help Save a Parvo Puppy,” and people began repinning and the word spread out.

Thanks to the power of the internet they were able to raise over $600 for Mochi and saved his life. Any additional funding received over his vet bills will be donated directly to the Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association with intent to have other puppies tested for parvo.

We weren’t familiar with IndieGoGo so we wanted to pass along the facts if it’s new to you, too:

  • IndieGoGo is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms represented in almost all countries.
  • There is no censorship or application process.
  • Allows for creative, entrepreneurial, and cause-related campaigns.
  • The maximum time limit a campaign can run for is 120 days.
  • IndieGoGo offers fixed funding or flexible funding and charges the below breakdown per option.
    • flexible =  4% hit target, 9% if not
    • fixed = 4% hit target, no money changes hands, no charges if not.

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