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Ask Alecia: My Dog Eats Poop!

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Dear Alecia,

My 7-month-old rescue part spaniel seems to enjoy eating her sister’s dog poop. I try to keep the yards clean but she gets to it due to the fact that I have 3 other dogs. Help!- Lin

Dear Lin,

Oh the joy of poop eating!   This lovely habit generally stems from a lack of trace minerals or enzymes in the diet.  Often times, pups that are on just dry food will tend to eat other dog’s or pup’s pooh to try and make up for this lack in their diet.

My recommendation would be to add in a high quality wet food along with your pup’s dry food to start.  See if this ends the poop eating.   If you need to add something else, add in a high quality liquid or powdered trace mineral supplement.  I like to use Humic Acid complex from  I would add in a 1/4 capful per 15 pounds in the food and mix it in.

Between these two, you should have a dog that you will allow to lick your face.

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